Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

It seems that I just tested a new smartwatch model from Zeblaze just yesterday, and the manufacturer has already presented a new model called Zeblaze NEO 3.

Literally, at the end of April, I already talked about the version of Zeblaze NEO 2, and if you want to know my opinion, then you can follow the link here.

As for the price of the new generation NEO 3, the manufacturer surprised me quite a bit. Since the price for the updated version was only $ 26. If we compare the second generation in the NEO line, then the price tag is up to $40.


I don’t know what the manufacturer was guided by, but from a technical point of view, the new generation has become much easier. Although this will be clear to everyone since the price is almost two times lower. On the one hand, the low price is quite an important aspect when choosing a smartwatch, but from a technical point of view, NEO 3 turned out to be a little boring.

For example, the new generation received a large color and bright 1.3-inch screen, but it is not a touchscreen. Control will be carried out through the buttons on the right side of the case. But another difference I can note is the IP68 water protection, and the previous generation had only IP67. Of course, no one canceled the wide functionality, but will it be easy to operate it as a touch screen?

You can find out about everything and not only in a detailed and in-depth review below. And I plan to start my test with the usual unpacking.

Zeblaze NEO 3: Specifications

Zeblaze NEO 3:Specs
Screen:1.3 inch IPS screen with 240 by 240 pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart:IP68 waterproof
Connection:Bluetooth 4.0
Standby time:up to 10 days
Size:47.2 x 47.2 x 14.3 mm

Unboxing and packaging

A large number of smartwatches from Zeblaze have passed through my hands. And the NEO 3 model comes in a similar rectangular black box as other models from this brand.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

On the front of the box, you can find a picture of the watch and the name of the model. But the reverse side of the box does not have any technical specifications.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

The package contents inside the box are pretty typical and it is very difficult to find something supernatural for $ 25. Inside the box lay the watch itself with a protective shipping film, a charging docking station instructions, and a detachable strap in a separate box.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

I would like to note that I don’t really like this kind of charging station in the form of a clothespin on a spring, as it is rather fragile and breaks easily.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

I prefer the usual two-pin magnetic charger more. The rest of the equipment is standard and therefore let’s talk about the appearance of the watch itself.

Design, assembly, and materials

First of all, I would like to note that the new generation of Zeblaze NEO 3 smartwatches has received insignificant weight. When compared with the previous generation, the new watch weighs almost half as much as the second generation. The weight of the NEO 3 model does not exceed 44 grams.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

Due to its lightweight, you can comfortably use the watch on your wrist. But also they will not interfere with you even during sleep. If we talk about dimensions, then the device has received dimensions of 47.2 x 14.3 mm.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

The case of the smartwatch is completely made of nice gray plastic. It is quite durable and during my test, I once fell on the watch while cycling, and the watch remained intact.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

But I would like to note that just the other day I tested smartwatch from a little-known brand Corn, then in terms of the quality of materials, this manufacturer is much superior to the Zeblaze brand.

I have no complaints about the build quality. The buttons on the right side have good responsiveness, and the body itself does not emit any squeaks or extraneous sounds.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

On the front of the device is a large 1.3-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. But as I already mentioned, the big drawback is the lack of touch controls.

The quality of the screen itself is completely the same as on the previous NEO 2. For example, the brightness level is quite high and I had no problems with readability even in sunny weather. But the viewing angles would like to get a little better.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

There are three buttons on the right side of the watch. The top one switches the smartwatch functions. In the middle, the button is responsible for turning on the watch or activating the function. And the lowest button moves backward.

But the positive side for me was the presence of better protection against water when comparing past generations. Now smartwatches have received protection under the IP68 standard. Therefore, you can easily swim with a watch on your wrist in the pool or take a shower.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

On the reverse side of Zeblaze NEO 3, there is a typical heart rate sensor and two contacts for charging.

I would also like to tell you a little about the strap. It is made of a combined material, namely black artificial leather on the outside, and soft and elastic rubber is used on the inside. Also, the strap itself is removable and it got a width of 22 mm. Therefore, even if this strap is very worn out, it will not be a big problem to replace it with another one.

Well, the design of the new smartwatch looks pretty harmonious on my wrist. But let’s see what new features the new generation of watches comes with.

Functions, features, and application

I’ve gotten used to touching controls for a long time, even in budget smartwatches. Therefore, with the new model Zeblaze NEO 3, I got used to it a little longer. Since the watch is controlled by buttons on the side face.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

The main dial of the smartwatch displays the time, date, day of the week, heart rate, steps, and battery level. The device received only three different dials and, unfortunately, it will no longer be possible to install it. Of course, three dials are not so many, and I think that this is a small minus for Zeblaze.

To access the various functions, you must press the upper or lower button. For example, let’s go through all the functionality – steps, distance, calories, heart rate, sport mode, sleep, notifications, find phone, music, photo, weather, stopwatch, settings, and shutdown.

In the settings tab, you can find out information about the device, adjust the brightness level, and reset the settings. Heart rate work is quite accurate and I took several measurements and the result was positive. Also, the heart rate does not read air reading, which is very good.

On the positive side, I liked the presence of the music control function, but otherwise, the functionality is rather weak. I think Zeblaze wants to cheat its consumer a little. Since a couple of years ago, it was permissible to see such a combination of functions, but in 2020 it is shameful. For example, even there is only one sport mode and you will not be able to find the necessary mode that you need during your sport.

The company offers to install an application called HappySports, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. Thanks to the application, you will be able to receive notifications and in the settings select the necessary applications through which you can receive these notifications.

Also on the positive side of the app, I discovered features such as a reminder to sit in one place for a long time, a reminder to drink water, setting the heart rate to change every 30 minutes, and much more.


Zeblaze NEO 3 received a 180 mAh battery. With the active use of the watch, they will be able to work for about one week, which is not bad enough. Of course, some models have a longer runtime, but given their low price, I cannot criticize the watch too much.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

But the negative side for me, as I already mentioned, is the not quite convenient charging dock. The charging time will be about 1.5 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Zeblaze NEO 3 – I cannot call the third generation of smartwatches in the NEO line the most successful. The manufacturer, for reasons unknown to me, decided to take the path of worsening functions rather than improving them.

Zeblaze NEO 3 Review: New Smartwatch That Worse Than NEO 2

For example, I didn’t like physical buttons rather than touch controls. Also, the functionality itself seems to be wide and there is even a music player control, but such functions were a few years ago on older smartwatches in 2018.

On the other hand, if you want an inexpensive watch with a nice look and good build quality, then this model is a good choice.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Now you can purchase the third generation Zeblaze NEO 3 smartwatch at an attractive price for only $ 26.99 with a 55% discount.

On my own, I would like to say that I cannot recommend the watch for purchase, since it has an outdated user interface and functions.


Competitor and Alternative

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