Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

The Chinese brand Zeblaze has introduced a new smartwatch model in the budget category under $30 called Zeblaze Meteor.

Most likely this is not a smartwatch, but a smart tracker or fitness bracelet, but with a large screen size. Therefore, it will be interesting for me to know how the new device will behave in real life.

In addition, in this article I will share with you about my experience of using a smart device, I will tell you about all the existing functions and features. You can also find out about the main advantages and disadvantages of this device model.

As for the cost, now everyone can buy a Zeblaze Meteor watch at an interesting and low price for only $28.


For this price, you get a pretty decent smartwatch with a rectangular large 1.57 inch screen. I can also highlight the presence of useful applications such as tracking heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, breathing training, menstrual cycle and much more.

In addition, the device has full protection against water under the IP68 standard. The manufacturer also guarantees up to two weeks of battery life, but whether this is so, I will tell you in this review.

Therefore, now I propose to start a full testing of a smart device in order to understand whether the watch is worth your attention or not.

Zeblaze Meteor: Specifications

Zeblaze Meteor:Specs
Screen:1.57 inch TFT screen with 200 x 320 pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart:IP68
Connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery:180 mAh
Standby time:up to 14 days
Size:45 x 29 x 10.5 mm

Unboxing and packaging

The watch from the Zeblaze company is delivered in the usual packaging for me. It is a small rectangular box that has been finished in black. At the same time, on the front of the package, there was a drawing with the display of the watch, the name of the company and the model. Also here were written the main features of the device, which I already mentioned at the beginning of the review.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

At the same time, the packaging itself was not the simplest, that is, the workmanship was good, and the thickness of the box was thick. This will have a positive effect during the transportation of the device.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

Inside the package, I found the following components: the smart watch itself, a strap, instructions for use and a two-pin magnetic charging cable. In general, the package bundle is quite good and has everything you need for full use. Now let’s talk in more detail about the wearability and design features.

Design, build quality and materials

First of all, I want to talk about the available color options for the new Zeblaze Meteor smartwatch model. The manufacturer offers a choice of three different colors in black, blue and gold execution. That is, the choice of colors was quite extensive and everyone can choose the color that they like the most.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

As for the materials used, the body of the device was made of matte plastic. This is good news for me, since I am not a supporter of glossy plastic in any of its performances.

If we talk about the build quality, then I did not find any special complaints, given its low cost. All components were built well and without too much pretense. You can even highlight the presence of protection against water under the IP68 standard. This means that you can easily swim with the device in the pool or take a shower.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

On the front of the Zeblaze Meteor watch case, there is a large rectangular screen with a size of 1.57 inches. The screen resolution was 200 x 320 pixels. It’s not the highest screen resolution, but don’t forget that this is an inexpensive budget device.

It is also worth saying that AMOLED and even IPS matrices are not used here. Since the colors were not very bright and saturated. I assume that a TFT screen was installed in the device from Zeblaze.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

The touchpad worked well, though, and had good responsiveness. In addition, in the watch settings, you can adjust the screen brightness from 1 to 5. At the same time, the maximum brightness value was enough for using the smart watch outdoors.

On the opposite side of the screen, there is a two-pin connection for charging with sensors measuring various health indicators. That is, there is nothing special here, so to speak, everything is standard, both for smartwatches and their class.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

But on the right side of the Zeblaze Meteor device, you can see a single button. It is responsible for the following functions: turning on and off the watch and displaying a QR code to install a mobile application. Each of these features is toggled at the touch of a button.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

Okay, now let’s talk about the strap and its quality. Depending on the color of the smartwatch case, the color of the strap will also depend. For example, a black watch will also have a black strap. At the same time, the width of the strap was only 16 mm and the strap itself was removable. In addition, the strap was made of silicone material, which was very pleasant to the touch.

If we talk about the dimensions, then they were the following values ​​is 45 x 29 x 10.5 mm, and the weight taking into account the weight of the strap was only 28 grams. It is a very lightweight device that can be easily worn on the wrist not only during the day, but during sleep as well.

Functions, features and mobile app

The home screen of the watch offers seven different types of watch faces to choose from. To choose the one you like, you need to hold one finger on the watch screen for a few seconds. Also, through the mobile application, there are many available watch faces, but I want to talk about the application itself a little later.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

Swiping down from the watch’s home screen displays the quick settings menu. These do not disturb mode, vibration, brightness control, alarm, shutdown and settings.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

In the meantime, in the settings, I found the following sections, such as general settings, this is the choice of language, date and time, time format, screen-on time, and others. Also in the settings you can choose one of the seven available watch faces. There is also a mode to not disturb and find a smartphone.

At the same time, in order to enter the main menu with all the functions, you must swipe up from the main screen of the watch. Here I found sections like Steps, Sleep, Sport Modes, Heart Rate, SpO2, Blood Pressure, Alarm, Calculator, Timer, Female Cycle, Respiratory Recovery, and others. I also liked that there is even a simple game in the main menu of functions. I think the children will definitely like it.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

If we talk about sports training regimes, then here I saw the following sports. This includes walking, running, cycling, mountains, and much more, in total I counted 22 types of various sports training. But I didn’t find it by swimming and the GPS module on board the Zeblaze Meteor smartwatch.

Now let’s check how accurately the watch measures health indicators. For example, the Zeblaze Meteor smartwatch showed a heart rate of about 93 beats per second, and a medical device 91 beats per second. Also, the SpO2 indicator on the watch was 97%, but on the medical device it was 96%. At the same time, the blood pressure had a result of 110/70. That is, the indicators were very plausible, but with small deviations.

Ok, now I propose to talk about a mobile application called Qwatch Pro. This application is available for both Android and iOS devices. The application itself looks very convenient and comfortable to use. That is, here I discovered the following features, such as tracking the indicators of steps, distance traveled, calories, heart rate, sleep and much more.

Also in the app’s settings, you can find sections such as installing additional watch faces, setting notifications, reminders, and more. In general, the application looks standard and has most of the similar sections, as on other budget-class smartwatches.

Battery and run time

Inside the Zeblaze Meteor watch case, a 180 mAh battery was used. In this case, in standby mode, the device can work for 14 days.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

But if you use the watch actively, then the battery life will be reduced to one week. Naturally, everything will depend on the degree of download, that is, how often you receive notifications from your smartphone and many other factors.


That said, it took me about 2 hours to charge through the two-pin magnetic connection.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

After several days of active use of the Zeblaze Meteor smartwatch, I was left under a very good impression.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

Yes, maybe there are no such features as Bluetooth calls and GPS modules. But the watch has received many simple and useful health tracking applications. For example, heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, even breathing recovery and menstrual cycle.

In addition, I can refer to the positive aspects of this design with good materials used and build quality. Also, the device received a bright screen with a large size.

Zeblaze Meteor Review: Decent Fitness Watch for Measuring Health

As for the shortcomings, I can single out not the smoothest work of the user interface. I also didn’t like the low screen resolution. Although it should be understood that this is a budget fitness bracelet, not a real smartwatch.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Given its main features and functions, I can definitely recommend a smartwatch from the Zeblaze brand for purchase.

In terms of cost, you can currently purchase a Zeblaze Meteor watch at a low price for just $27.99 with a 30% discount.


Competitors and alternative

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