Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

Chinese brand Zeblaze has introduced a new model of retro-styled smartwatches called Zeblaze Ares. I think you are familiar with the name Ares, since with exactly the same name another company, namely Amazfit, also presented a similar smartwatch model.

Therefore, let’s find out the main differences between the two models Zeblaze Ares and Amazfit Ares in order to understand what their features are. You will also learn about the main advantages and disadvantages after reading this article.

In addition, I will compare the Zeblaze retro watch with another interesting model and also from the Amazfit brand – this is a model called Neo. It has a very similar retro design to the new generation Ares from Zeblaze.

It seems to me that if you do not follow the latest news in the field of technology, you can very easily get confused in the names of the models. And I also think that manufacturers do this on purpose so that inexperienced users get confused when buying a particular device.

But the price tag at the time of writing the review of the Zeblaze Ares smartwatch made me very happy. For example, currently you can purchase a watch for as little as $23. This is a very attractive price and much lower than its competitors. Since the Amazfit Neo model will cost you $40, and the Amazfit Ares watch model is no longer available for sale.


The main difference between the Zeblaze Ares and Amazfit Neo retro watches is the presence of a color touch screen in the first variant. That is, the model from the Zeblaze brand uses a square 1.3-inch touchscreen color screen. Also in the new smartwatch model, I found Bluetooth with version 5.1, good battery life and a large number of various functions and features.

Thus, I propose to consider in detail all the features of the Zeblaze Ares smartwatch. But first, let’s check how well the device is assembled and what I found inside the package.

Zeblaze Ares: Specifications

Zeblaze Ares:Specs
Screen:1.3 inch screen with 240 x 240 pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart:3ATM waterproof
Connection:Bluetooth 5.1
Standby time:up to 7 days
Size:45.5 x 42 x 12 mm

Unboxing and packaging

A rectangular white package came to my review, where on the front, you can find a picture of a smartwatch, as well as the name of the company, models and main features.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

The packaging itself is made of thin cardboard, but this is to be expected, since the watch has a price tag of about $ 20. Therefore, there is no smell of premium here.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

Okay, inside the box itself, I found – of course, the smartwatch itself, a two-pin charging cable and instructions for use. That is, the equipment is very simple, but it has everything you need to fully use the new watch model from Zeblaze.

Design, build quality and materials

The appearance of the new Zeblaze Ares smartwatch model reminds me very much of the watch models from the Amazfit brand. It’s the same retro style and in fact I love that kind of design.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

Zeblaze offers three colors to choose from – black, green and red. I have a black version on my test, but I think that other colors will also look good on the wrist of students or teenagers.

In terms of the materials used, everything is simple here, the Ares model is made entirely of matte plastic. This is not gloss and I was very pleased with it. Since I understand that such watches are bought not for a business style, but for sports or an active lifestyle. Therefore, the matte material is of great importance here, and this is very good.

At the same time, the build quality is at a good level, for example, I did not find any strong problems with extraneous sounds. Also, pressing the mechanical buttons was responsive. It is also worth noting about the presence of protection against water under the 3 ATM standard. Therefore, you can easily dive to a depth of 30 meters under water.

On the front of the Ares model, you can find the Zeblaze brand logo, so that you can understand from which brand this watch is from Amazfit or Zeblaze. The bezels around the screen look quite large, and the screen itself doesn’t seem very large. For example, the size of the square screen was only 1.3 inches. Also, the resolution is not the highest – it’s 240 x 240 pixels.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

It is a color screen with vibrant and rich colors. Other than that, I liked the way the touchpad works as it responds quickly and without too much lag. Yes, the viewing angles are probably not the greatest. But for that, the value of the maximum brightness level suited me even when using the watch in bright sunlight.

The right side of the Zeblaze Ares smartwatch received two buttons – a power button and a mode switch button. On the back of the watch, you can find a heart rate sensor and other options, as well as a two-pin magnetic connector for charging.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

Okay, as for the dimensions, they were 45.5 x 42 x 12 mm, and the device weighs only 33 grams including the strap. Even on my thin hand, the watch sat very well. They were so light that I even forgot about their existence on my hand during testing.

And the last thing I didn’t talk about was the strap. Since this is a budget retro watch, the Zeblaze Ares model received not the most pleasant silicone material. This is a rather tough silicone, but for that it is much more reliable and stronger than, for example, thin and pleasant silicone straps. 

Another disappointment for me was the fact that the strap is not removable. Therefore, replacing it with any other option will not be so easy, but possible if you contact your local watch store. But the strap width was 20 mm. Ok, now let’s take a look and check the main functions of the new smartwatch model.

Functions, features and application

Initially out of the box, the Zeblaze Ares smartwatch has three watch faces installed. But also through the mobile application you can install a large number of different watch faces.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

To be honest, I liked the design of the watch faces, it is quite unusual and has a lot of interesting features. For example, you can keep track of not only time information, but also steps, heart rate, day of the week and date.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

In terms of controls, it is lightweight and very similar to any other budget smartwatch. For example, when you swipe down, you are taken to the quick settings menu. Here I found four icons – do not disturb mode, adjust the brightness level, find a smartphone and basic settings.

There are not so many options in the settings themselves – this is the choice of dials, another setting of the screen brightness level and information about the model and version of the smartwatch. You can also turn off the watch in the settings section, reboot or reset the settings to factory settings.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

At the same time, if you swipe up, you will see the section of the latest notifications. But when you swipe to the right, the main menu is located with all the functions and features. Here I found features like sports training, status, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, weather, music, notifications, and settings. Also in the more section, there are still hidden functions such as a stopwatch, a timer and a flashlight.

The sports training section has 13 different types of sports – running, working out in the gym, jumping, cycling, and even swimming. Yes, maybe there is no built-in GPS module here, but you can use your smartphone with an active GPS signal during training.

Okay, now let me check how the heart rate sensor works. In my case, the watch showed a result of about 88 beats per minute, and a similar result was on the device on my finger. The blood pressure on the watch was 116/74, and the medical device read 118/83. That is, the indicators are not entirely identical in terms of blood pressure, but the heart rate was more plausible.

It’s also possible to find some interesting widgets by swiping left from the home screen. Here you can see features such as daily activities, heart rate, sleep, weather and music player.

The mobile application is called Glory Fit, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. After installation, I managed to connect the watch to the mobile application without any problems. The app itself received typical controls, as with most budget smart fitness watch apps.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

The main screen of the app displays information about your physical activity. That is, you can keep track of your steps, distance, heart rate, sleep and other parameters. Naturally, the most useful feature in the application is the installation of additional watch faces, as well as setting up notifications.

Battery and run time

In the case of the retro smartwatch Zeblaze Ares, they installed a not the largest battery capacity of only 170 mAh. But given that the device received a small screen size and low resolution, and not very large functionality of features, the energy consumption was insignificant.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

In addition, the watch has a modern Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection, so the power consumption will be better than with the 5.0 generation. During my active use, the watch was able to work for about one week. If you use the watch without a connected smartphone, then the battery life will increase to two weeks.

Also the watch is charged in about 2 hours via a two-pin cable.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Zeblaze Ares is a retro sports smartwatch that practically does not differ from the original version from Amazfit.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

Definitely, the new model of smartwatches from the Zeblaze brand deserves its attention. Since there are many fans from the 90s who will love this design and the many useful features.

In addition, I liked the small, but touch and color screen on which everything is visible even in bright sunlight. You will also be glad to have a good package of features such as tracking your heart rate and blood pressure.

Zeblaze Ares Review: Retro Smartwatch with Color Touchscreen

Also an important feature is the battery life, and the watch can work up to two weeks without recharging.

On the downside, I can mention that this is not the most pleasant silicone strap and also the fact that the strap itself is not removable. Of course, I would like to see such a function as Bluetooth calls, but this feature is not present in this model.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Even in spite of its shortcomings, the price tag for the new model of retro smartwatches from Zeblaze is very attractive. Therefore, you will definitely remain under a positive experience of use and wearing.

In terms of price, you can currently get Zeblaze Ares for just $23.39 with a 20% discount.


Competitor and Alternative

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