YouTube in new look: more detailed design and night mode

After YouTube celebrated its 12th birthday on Monday, the developers have given the Video portal a new looked and further technical improvements.

YouTube gets night mode

Already last month, there were initial indications for upcoming design changes. So you could activate the night mode of YouTube with some tricks. This is no longer necessary in the new You.Tube, switching between day and night mode is achieved by a simple option behind the settings.

YouTube in new look: more detailed design and night mode

The change between the two designs allows a more friendly use in the dark. This is particularly helpful because the new optics offer a white space between the displayed elements than the previously known design.

The new look is already familiar to many users, especially Android users. The developers also use the in-house design language “Material Design”, which the company had introduced with Android 5.0 several years ago. The JavaScript library is used as a base under the hood.

In addition to the technical changes, the design also highlights, for example, the channel overviews and the selected video feature. The player in the channel overview is now significantly larger, while the description on the side is also more readable.

YouTube in new look: more detailed design and night mode

The same applies to the cinema view of a video. The black title bar makes the transition to the clip clearer, description, and comments under the video are no longer on a gray background, but also flow into each other. The video providers may, in the hope of new subscribers, also look forward to a larger, red subscription button.

According to YouTube, around one percent of users will get the new look without further demand. In the coming weeks, this number will be gradually increased.

Use YouTube in a new look now

The new optics can be activated as of now by by all users. Once a certain percentage of YouTube users have done this, however, the company will reject further activations for the time being.

If the design does not like, you can reactivate the old look in the account settings.

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