YouTube Go will allow us to watch Youtube videos offline

We have long been able to count on YouTube in our device. Those who have been with Android for many years, we have seen how the application and the service, in general, left us with changes, which were not always welcome. At the moment, YouTube is one of the best services to spend time, watch audiovisual content, comment, report and everything we imagine. There is the content of all kinds, and therefore there are users of all kinds. Today, on the occasion of Google I / O, the company has introduced YouTube Go, an application that will allow us to watch YouTube videos offline.

This is something we all dream of, because if we do not have a good data rate, playing content outside of a Wi-Fi network can leave us without GB in the first few days of the month. Today we’ve taught you an application to download videos from YouTube and play them offline. We can also download just the audio, something perfect to have dozens of songs on our mobile. Well, by pure chance, Google today surprised us with a similar new application.

Viewing YouTube videos offline will be possible with YouTube Go

YouTube Go will allow us to watch Youtube videos offline

Just a few minutes ago, Google has let us take a look at YouTube Go. It is a new application that allows us to download videos from the official platform to view them offline. This is one of its functions, but also comes as a social network of videos, and a data economizer.

Google has addressed this issue above, so we do not have too much information about it. The good news is, we can already see the app on Google Play. The bad news is, that in English for the moment tells us that it is available for download. Without being able to download the application, we can not leave you with more information, although in the description of it, clearly indicates that the download of videos will be available, so we can download a video, and see later when we are not at home.

YouTube Go will allow us to watch Youtube videos offline

At the moment we have to wait, although YouTube Go promises to be one of the best applications for emerging countries and users who do not have a very extensive data rate.

Source: Androidpolice


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