Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

Xiaomi, together with the Oclean brand, produces pretty good smart electric brushes. Today I have a very interesting model on the test under the next name Oclean X Pro Elite.

In a natural way, in order for me to fully unleash the potential of this electric brush and tell my opinion about its productivity, I had to test it for more than one or two days.

The main issue that worries most customers is, of course, the cost of products. Currently, the price tag for the Oclean X Pro Elite is $60, but if you use the ALIPLATIT455 coupon, the price tag will drop another $10. Therefore, the final cost of the brush will be up to $50.


Moreover, if we compare the cost to the previous generation of the Oclean X Pro electric brush, then at present its cost was also $50. And yes, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I am talking about the price for the basic version. If you want to buy additional brush heads, then the price tag will rise even more. But to find out the prices in more detail, follow the link below.

What makes the new generation stand out in comparison with the previous generation, you may ask me? Perhaps not too many changes, since the electric brush cannot be made even smarter than it is. But it is possible to make it less noisy and more productive. This is exactly what Oclean has done with the next generation of the X Pro Elite smart brush.

Thus, I propose to start my full and in-depth review to find out whether it is worth buying the new generation of smart electric brushes or not.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite: Specifications

Oclean X Pro Elite:Specs
Screen:Touch display
Power:42,000 RPM
Charging time:3.5 hours for full charging
Instant release:0.14 s
Size:248 x 24 x 24 mm

Unboxing and packaging

A rather large box from the Oclean company came to me for a test. On the front, there is a full-length drawing of an electric brush. But on the back of the package, there are icons with the main features and functions, which I will talk about a little later.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

In addition, I cannot pass by the packaging itself. It is really made with high quality and resembles the products of elite brands. Unsurprisingly, the manufacturer has designated the word Elite at the end of the model name.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

Inside the box itself, I found it, directly, the electric brush itself on the left side of the package. But on the right side, there was instruction in various languages. Also behind it is a contactless charging station and a magnetic wall mount with 3M double tape. Here I can note that the additional wall mount will only hold the brush, but charging through this mount will not be carried out.

Okay, the quality of the materials used made me very happy. But now let’s talk in more detail about the main changes in the appearance of the new generation of the electric brush.

Design, build quality and materials

First of all, after picking up the electric brush, I was pleasantly surprised by the materials used. Yes, the body of the brush is made of plastic, but it is not ordinary plastic. It received a special roughness and at first, sensations resembled a stone. Yes, yes, conditionally I was holding a stone electric brush in my hands, not a plastic one.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

If you pay attention, the main body of the Oclean X Pro Elite is made of matte corrugated plastic, but the nozzle itself already has a glossy plastic in its performance. But here, I would also like to note that the glossy plastic also resembles marble.

While this is actually not the case, this is not a stone brush, but ordinary plastic, since the device weighed only 110 grams. At the same time, the dimensions of the electric brush remained the same – 248 x 24 x 24 mm, as in the previous generation.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

A large touchscreen color screen was installed on the front. In fact, this is great news, since you can set all the settings on the brush itself and not use the mobile application. But I’ll tell you about all the functions a little later.

The lower part of the foot of the electric brush received a gray surface through which it is possible to carry out wireless charging. In addition, this Oclean X Pro Elite uses the most standard QI charging method. Therefore, you will be able to charge the brush not only through a standard docking station but also through any other wireless charger with similar technology. This is very convenient, isn’t it?

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

I would also like to say about the presence of protection against water under the IPX7 standard. This will allow you to use the device in a humid environment. But I will not advise you to completely wet the device underwater. Small splashes or drips, though, clearly won’t hurt the updated generation of the smart electric brush.

I also liked the moment that the head attachment remained intact. Therefore, if you already have a brush of the previous generation, then the head will easily fit the new generation of smart electric brush from the Oclean company.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

Although I cannot recommend you to do this, since the head itself has received a number of significant changes for the better. Look, the bristles themselves have received different lengths, so it is important to note that the brush has a wavy structure. This will help you clean your teeth better and protect your gums and enamel.

Also, the manufacturer Oclean began to use diamond dusting on the brush. This will give more than 115% of the effect in brushing your teeth. If you are worried about the materials in the manufacture, then you can not be afraid, as the FDA has fully approved materials for the safe cleaning of your teeth.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

Okay, I told you everything about appearance, now let’s go through the main functions and also tell my emotions from brushing your teeth.

Performance, operating modes, and mobile application

In terms of performance, the updated Oclean X Pro Elite electric brush remains the same as in the previous generation. For example, the device emits a maximum vibration value of 42 thousand rpm.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

The biggest change, however, is the noise level, thanks to the new and improved WhisperClean 2.0 technology. The noise level value decreased from 55 to 45 dB. This is quite essential, as for an electric brush. Therefore, using the new generation of brushes, you are able to get more comfort from brushing your teeth.

Ok, now let’s go through the main features of the new generation of electric brushes. As I said above, all functions and options can be switched via the color touch screen. Yes, maybe it is not the largest and its size remained the same as in the previous generation. But I am very glad that it exists at all.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

The main screen displays the time, battery level, operating mode, and intensity level. If you swipe up, then you can change the modes of operation. There are four modes – whitening, standard or intensive cleaning, and massage.

For example, if you want to preserve your gums, then you should use the massage regimen. During this mode, more emphasis will be placed on massage, rather than cleaning teeth, which is also very important for most users.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

I usually used standard brushing for my teeth, as it is not the most aggressive and still cleaned my teeth well. There was no plaque on the teeth at all after 2 minutes of brushing and this is really cool.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

In addition to the operating modes, you can choose the intensity of cleaning. This parameter can range from 1 to 32. You can also set the time for brushing your teeth and, as I said, 2 minutes was just right for me. Although you can set it for 2.5 minutes or more.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

As for the mobile application, it remains the same and is very informative. In addition, through the Oclean mobile app, you are not only able to look at the cleaning efficiency and the number of cleanings in one day. But also exhibit and select special programs for your teeth. Each cleaning program is individual and this feature will be useful for problem teeth.

Battery and run time

The battery capacity of the Oclean X Pro Elite remains the same – 800 mAh, but the battery life on a full charge is also a very good indicator.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

For example, with a medium intensity setting, the electric brush can work up to 35 days without recharging. Yes, if you use a high intensity of cleaning, then the battery life will be reduced to 20 days. Such battery life will be in the event that you use the brush twice a day to brush your teeth.

But the most important change was the charging method – this is the use of wireless charging according to the Qi standard. At the same time, a full charge took me about 3.5 hours. As I said, you can use any wireless charger, not just the dedicated docking station out of the box.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

I usually brush my teeth twice, in the morning and in the evening, but I liked the work of the quiet electric brush from Oclean so much that I could brush my teeth even after lunch.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

The most significant change in the new generation of the Oclean X Pro Elite is the noise level. That is, the electric brush has become much quieter and its use will allow you to enjoy the comfortable brushing of your favorite teeth.

If we compare in terms of performance, then both the previous generation and the new one have completely identical performance. But what I liked was the interesting diamond-coated brush. It will allow you to brush your teeth more efficiently and better.

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Quietest Electric Brush 2021

I also cannot pass by the materials used, they really became better and more pleasant in their feelings. Therefore, the new generation will definitely be a good purchase, both for themselves or their loved ones.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

The Oclean X Pro Elite is currently priced at $59.99, but with coupon ALIPLATIT455, you are able to grab the item for $49.99.

I can definitely recommend the new model of the electric brush for purchase. But if you already have a brush of the previous generation Oclean X Pro, then I do not see more sense in doing this.


Alternative and competitors

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