Xiaomi: New CEO talks about market launch in Europe

The new CEO of Xiaomi spoke in an interview about the expansion of the market to Europe. According to him, the whole thing could go over the stage in the foreseeable future.

After Hugo Barra, who previously overlooked international expansion, left the Chinese company and is now working on Facebook, Wang Xiang has taken the helm and became the new CEO. In an interview, he talked about future plans to expand and develop new markets.

When asked whether and when Xiaomi is coming to Europe or to the USA, Wang responded with similar words as Hugo Barra. It is planned to use these countries and continents with their own equipment, but still, much work is still needed. Everything should be perfect for market launch and all possible problems should be clarified in advance and avoided in the ideal case completely. The Group does not want to get involved in a quick-start action, which may well end. In particular, the various radio frequencies and the adaptations for the mobile phone service providers are still causing headaches, according to Wang.

Xiaomi: New CEO talks about market launch in Europe

The CEO will be talking about the next two years as the time for a market launch in the USA. Whether this is true for Europe is unclear. In general, the interview talked more about the plans for the United States than about those for Europe.

The first steps have already been taken

Already in the past, there were several times the rumors that a local market launch of Xiaomi is imminent. In the middle of 2015, the Mi Store went to the start, in which some products of the Chinese company could also be ordered to Europe. In addition, the Polish Mi Store finally launched at the end of last year, which is where most of the interested parties from Poland can order all the smartphones from the manufacturer. An early EU start would, therefore, be quite conceivable.

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