Performance of Xiaomi Mi6 exceeds that Samsung Galaxy S8

We have known Xiaomi Mi6 for several weeks. It is one of the most anticipated phones of the high range of this year, and after the presentation, we have only seen praises for him. This is one of the best devices of the year, with a very powerful camera, one of the best processors we can see, and a design that is renewed leaving us with a very attractive device. For all those who have thought to buy it, and worry that the price is not a powerful device, or is not among the best, today we leave several tests performance Xiaomi Mi6, where you will see that it surpasses all the devices of range High in the market.

Xiaomi said in his presentation, and now we can corroborate with the different benchmarks we have been able to collect. These help us compare devices but also leave us with dozens of leaks before the presentations. If you are looking forward to seeing how powerful the new Xiaomi Mi6 is, you must know that it destroys its rivals in all tests performed.

The performance of Xiaomi Mi6 in AnTuTu, Geekbench, and 3DMark

Performance of Xiaomi Mi6 exceeds that Samsung Galaxy S8

In order to confirm that the Xiaomi Mi6 is one of the most powerful phones in the market today, tests of 3 of the most popular benchmarks have been compared. If we start with AnTuTu, we see how the Xiaomi Mi6 score is 173,614, which is slightly below the Samsung Galaxy S8 + with 173,824 points. We do not know exactly why the Xiaomi device is ahead, but we think it’s because AnTuTu gives more importance to RAM and processor than to 3D performance.

Performance of Xiaomi Mi6 exceeds that Samsung Galaxy S8

Where we do not see any discussion is in 3DMark since the Xiaomi Mi6 gets a score of 2.806 / 40.565 while the Galaxy S8 stays at 2,519 / 24,215 points. Possibly it is the benchmark where most difference we see between both devices, although it can be by the different tests of each one.

Performance of Xiaomi Mi6 exceeds that Samsung Galaxy S8

Finally, we see how the Xiaomi Mi6 returns to be in the first position when it goes through the tests of Geekbench. Although the Galaxy S8 has more points in the test of a single core, when all are put into operation the thing changes, and the Xiaomi Mi6 is put above. They are two very similar devices, with almost identical processors, but where the Xiaomi Mi6 brings out some more performance, possibly by the size of the screen.

Source: Androidcentral


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