Contrary to expectations of some fans, the flagship Xiaomi Mi6 and Mi Mix 2 will not be represented at the same time. If the first device will be officially announced in April, the second will only appear at the end of 2017.
Xiaomi Mi6 and Mi Mix 2 will not be represented at the same time in April
Of course, Xiaomi Mi6 and Mi Mix 2 are never competitors. “Six” is the most that neither is a classic smartphone, but the second “mix” is a concept gadget that will most likely be released in a limited edition.

Things can change before the end of this year. Limited Edition Mi Mix, originally costing about $ 600, scattered faster hotcakes, and now even on AliExpress to find it very difficult.
And if they look for, then for the pleasure of touch technologies of the future will need to lay out 1000-1200 US currency. It is now such middlemen markups enjoying the situation.
Among the innovations of the future Mi Mix 2 worth noting built-in screen is a fingerprint reader. Not that it is very practical in comparison with the rear position of the sensor, but the look is very modern.
As for the more “intimate” Us flagship Xiaomi Mi6, his presentation to be held on April 16 for a fortnight later, the main competitor is Samsung Galaxy S8 (will be announced March 29). Judging by the photos got into the network, it will be the most that neither is a classic smartphone.

In principle, it can be much more faithful to the strategy that flirting with frameless designs and curved screens. A significant part of the user, for example, still does not distinguish between a smartphone and a mobile phone.

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