Xiaomi Mi X1 Specifications could be New Xiaomi Mi MIX

Xiaomi my mix screen Since last year Xiaomi surprised us with the new Mi MIX, we are facing one of the most important trends of recent years in design. All the manufacturers want to imitate the company China, and we see it in the launches of devices like Galaxy S8 or LG G6. There is still a lot of years ahead, which means we can see new devices inspired by this new design. Today we have new information about a Xiaomi project. According to rumors, the company would be working on new Xiaomi Mi X1 specifications.

So far we have not seen too many crazy projects of the company since the Mi MIX was one of the first. It is one of the best devices of the moment, with a unique design and technologies. Lately, much is being said about Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, the renewal of the popular Mi MIX. They have leaked spec sheets, even some other design in renders, but nothing official.

Xiaomi Mi X1 specifications could be a new innovative project of the company

Xiaomi Mi X1 Specifications could be New Xiaomi Mi MIX

It seems that Xiaomi has taken the trick to this to surprise the market with important news. It already did with the Xiaomi Mi MIX when no one expected it, and this year could be with the Xiaomi Mi X1. This is the name that is ringing in all the rumors, and that for the moment, it does not get us anywhere.

We can only know that it is not the continuation of anything since there is no Xiaomi Mi X in the market or anything like that. This leaves us with a new range of devices or a new company project. The truth is, the name of Xiaomi Mi MIX is very good for the company and could squeeze it for a few more years. Another thing is, they are thinking of launching a different device, unrelated to the screens without bevels.

Xiaomi Mi X1 Specifications could be New Xiaomi Mi MIX

In this case, we only think of a high-end device with its own processor, something we saw a few months ago in the mid-range of the company itself. At the moment we are waiting, but we have a feeling with this Xiaomi Mi X1 since it could be one of the most important phones of the year.

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