Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

The 1MORE sub-brand from Xiaomi has presented new wireless earbuds and I have been testing them for several days. The earbuds were named Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds.

Let’s figure out what the new TWS earbuds are capable of and for what purpose they were created. Therefore, in this review, you will learn about the main features, wearability, build quality, sound, and microphone.

An important parameter for any earbuds or other devices is the price. As for the Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds model? Now the price for headphones is $50, but on 11.11 you can get them for almost $10 cheaper.


Before starting my full review, I suggest going through the main features so that you can get an idea of ​​this model. The first feature is the 13.4mm driver. Also, I can attribute it to the ergonomic design, IPX5 water protection, proximity sensor, and other features.

Now I propose to see what will be waiting for you inside the box and then talk about design and sound quality.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds: Specifications

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds:Specs
Impedance:30 ohms
Driver unit:13.4mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:4h

Unboxing and packaging

The box has got a square shape and is made in white and gray colors. On the front of the box, there is a drawing of the earbuds and the inscriptions of the model and company name with the main features.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

The reverse side of the box received a list of technical features. For example, here you can find information such as uptime, Bluetooth version, and more.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

I note that the 1MORE company always makes all its products of high quality and even the quality of the box is at a fairly high level. Besides, the package bundle is also quite good. Inside the box, I found the charging box itself, ear tips, documentation, and a Type-C charging cable.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

It’s good if everything is fine with the bundle and packaging, but will everything be so perfect with the appearance and quality of workmanship. Let’s check it out now.

Design, build quality and materials

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds are quite unique wireless earbuds that have received a unique look.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

At first glance, the earbuds remind me of an icicle. But when I put them on, I feel that the manufacturer has done the right job on the design. They fit perfectly in the ear canal and I didn’t have a single hint of discomfort. At the same time, the weight of one earbud was only 3.8 grams.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

In addition, the 1MORE Comfobuds model is well suited for sports. Even during fast shaking or running, the earbuds sat firmly in my ear canals. This model also received IPX5 protection against splashes and water. But it is absolutely impossible to completely wet the device.

In terms of build quality, the earbuds have a well-balanced build quality. In this case, all joints and gaps are in their places, and I did not find any extraneous sounds or creaks during my test.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

Although glossy plastic does not inspire complete confidence in me, such as the matte version. After several days of testing Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds, I have no traces of use, though. But I guess that after a few months of use, scratches or other troubles will be clearly visible.

On the outside of the earbud case, there is a touch control panel with holes for a microphone. But in the lower narrow part of the leg, there is a hole for the main microphone and LED.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

On the inside of the earbuds, there are two contacts for charging, a proximity sensor, and, of course, replaceable ear tips. But I want to note that the ear tips themselves are made of a specific shape and cannot be changed for any others.

The charging box, in turn, is also quite compact in size and weight. Carrying it in a tight jeans pocket will not be problematic. The weight of the box without earbuds was about 29 grams. But the glossy plastic also does not inspire much confidence in me.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

In terms of build quality, the charging box is made well, I did not find a strong backlash in the lid. On the front, there is an LED indicator of the charge level, and on the back, there is a Type-C port for charging. But wireless charging is not provided in the box case. This isn’t surprising given its starting cost though.

Connection, latency, and control

Like most low-cost TWS earbuds, the Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds got Bluetooth wireless connectivity with version 5.0. The connection quality during my test was stable and I did not find any interference or interruption.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

The earbuds also only have AAC and SBC audio codecs, and you won’t find more popular codecs like aptX and aptX HD here.

The pairing method is very simple and you don’t need to pop the headphones out of the box to connect them to your mobile device. The earbuds can be paired separately or together, which is very good.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

If we talk about latency, then there are practically no delays when watching a video, but in games it is. Therefore, the 1MORE Comfobuds cannot be called gaming earbuds.

A good bonus for me was the proximity sensor. It is required to automatically pause when you remove one or two earbuds from the ear canal.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

As for the touch controls, it works here without any questions. But I have several complaints about functionality.

  • A double-tap causes play pause, accept, or put a phone call.
  • Triple tap – calls the voice assistant function on your smartphone.

Naturally, I would like to get such functions as volume control, track switching, but they are not here.

Sound and microphone quality

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds were equipped with a 13.4mm dynamic driver. This is a decent size for its class.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

As practice has shown, a large driver provides a fairly loud sound. But it will be difficult to call the sound ideal.

For example, the low frequencies are rather boring, and the bass is not enough. But the middle and high frequencies are tuned well, you can hear good detail and sound purity in them.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

Compared to the competition, the QCY T5 Pro, SoundPeats TrueAir 2, and some others are from this price segment. Therefore, in terms of sound quality, I cannot say that the 1MORE Comfobuds version will be a winning option.

I can say the same about the quality of the microphones. Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds received two microphones in each earbud and has ENC technology. But in practice, it showed not in the best way. For example, in a quiet place, the microphone quality is at a good level, but in noisy places, the interlocutor will have a hard time understanding me.

Battery and run time

As with most budget wireless earbuds, it will be difficult to find an option with high battery life. The same goes for the Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds model, as each earbud has a 35 mAh battery capacity.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

In general, at an average volume level, namely 50%, the earbuds will work for you for about 4 hours. But the other positive side was the capacity of the 410 mAh charging box. Therefore, the total battery life will be up to 18 hours.

Battery life is not as bad and will suit most users in most cases. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the earbuds via Type-C connection.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

The Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds isn’t the best wireless earbuds I’ve tested, but I can’t call them bad either.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

If you yourself want to find unique TWS earbuds for everyday use or even for sports, then 1MORE can offer a good option.

Other positive aspects include good battery life and good build quality.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds Review: Compact TWS Earbuds 2020

But the negative aspects are also not as few as we would like. For example, it is a glossy body, low frequencies are not so voluminous and bass and touch control does not have the function of adjusting the volume and switching tracks.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, each user will be able to order and purchase the Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds earbuds for $49.99.

As I said above, the 11.11 sale will allow you to purchase these earbuds at an even lower price. Therefore, add the product in advance to the shopping cart, and 11.11 place an order so that you can not miss the item you need.


Competitor and Alternative

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