What types of double camera are there on market?

For over a year and a half we have seen how the dual cameras invade the mobile phone market, and although it is a pretty incredible section for many users, the fact is that there are many types of the different telephone companies in the market today. Not all dual camera phones have the same functions, and this can confuse different users. This year we are seeing how the double cameras penetrate the middle range with great force, something that should not suggest us since two cameras do not mean higher image quality. Today we are going to tell you the different types of double camera that are on the market, and some devices that you can buy with each one.

Although you think that there is only one type of double camera and that the main function count on double quality, this is not at all like that. The double cameras do not leave us greater quality, but different shooting modes, and more options than a camera with a single sensor, although at the moment the 6 best mobile cameras of the market have a single sensor.

RGB + monochrome in the most used double chamber types

What types of double camera are there on market?

One of the most widely used double camera types on the market is the built in handsets such as the Huawei P10, Honor 8 Pro and some Chinese market devices. This dual camera usually has two sensors with the same megapixels, but each captures different colors. One of them is in charge of taking the different colors of the image, while the other only captures black and white photographs.

This allows us to have a very good quality, in addition to having a clearer definition of some colors. The Huawei P10 does this very well, being one of the best devices with this type of cameras.

The wide angle LG thing for the moment

What types of double camera are there on market?

Another type of double camera is the one used by LG. At the moment it is one of the only companies that have this technology, but this does not mean that it is worse. In this case, we have the main sensor, which makes most of the photographs, while the second sensor is a wide angle that helps us show more framing in the photograph. The result is incredible, especially when we are going to photograph a landscape or a scene with many people. This camera can be found in the LG G5 or LG G6, is infinitely better in this latest model.

Although it is not the most used by the industry, it is one of the most we like, as it has very interesting options.

Optical zoom is present on the iPhone and the OnePlus 5

What types of double camera are there on market?

Surely in recent days you have heard much about the double camera OnePlus 5, which has an optical zoom option x2. Well this type of double camera is the same as the iPhone, 7 Plus, but also the new Xiaomi Mi6. In this case we also see a main sensor that takes all the pictures, while the secondary is a telephoto lens that gives you the possibility to bring the shot to the device without having to lose digital zoom quality. Inside these double cameras, we see how the iPhone uses one configuration, OnePlus another and Xiaomi another, but its objective is the same: to be able to zoom with the mobile without losing quality.

It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, since we have a very little seen, in addition to many options thanks to its configuration. Little by little, we see how this type of camera penetrates Android, and soon we will see in many more devices.

The double chambers of cheap Chinese and mobile phones

The double camera has become a crucial element for marketing, so dozens of Chinese companies have decided to launch their devices with this type of camera, reducing the costs and also the functions of the same. On most cheap phones we see on the market, we can appreciate how the double cameras do not provide too much, in addition to several mentions in the spec sheets.

What types of double camera are there on market?

This type of cameras on very cheap phones leave us with very poor functions of the blur, although we also see some using the technology we mentioned in the Huawei P10. 60% of the double cameras are the software you implement, and Chinese companies do not spend too much on this, so their quality does not turn out to be too good.

In general, we have very good double cameras in the market, although you should not think that this improves the quality extremely, it allows us to have more functions and modes on the mobile. As we said at the beginning, the best mobile cameras of the moment only have a sensor, which leaves us a clear idea of the possibilities of these double cameras.


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