Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

The Vivibright company is known for its good and high-quality inexpensive LED projectors. Today I would like to tell you about one new model of a budget projector called Vivibright D3000.

I think this is one of the most budget-friendly projectors on the mobile market that has native Full HD resolution. But the price tag at the time of writing this review may really surprise you since the manufacturer asks for only $110 for the Vivibright D3000.


I could not believe that for such a low price you can get a Full HD LED projector. In addition, the device received two speakers of 10 W each, so there should be no problems in terms of sound quality.

Other features include a maximum projection screen with a size of up to 120 inches, a good value for the level of brightness, contrast, and a large number of external interfaces.

So let’s check out what the most affordable 1080p projector is capable of. Also at the end of the article, you can find useful information about the main advantages and disadvantages of the new projector from the Vivibright brand

So, let me start my in-depth and detailed review of the packaging and see what the manufacturer put inside the box.

Vivibright D3000: Specifications

Vivibright D3000:Specs
Display Technology:LED
Screen aspect ratio:16:9
Native resolution:1920 by 1080 Pixels
Brightness:500 Lumens
Projection screen size:40-150 inches
Video Formats:1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker:Dual 10W
Lamp Life:30.000 Hours
Size:260 x 220 x 140 mm

Unboxing and packaging

The D3000 projector is delivered in a rather massive and heavy package. The box itself is made of fairly sturdy cardboard, but its appearance is filled with bright pictures.

For example, on one side you can see a drawing with a bright image of a projection screen, and on the other side, you can see a drawing of the projector itself. Also on both sides, there are inscriptions with the name of the model, brand, and even the main technical features that I described in the introduction.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

Inside the box, I found the projector itself, which was well packed in protective foam. Therefore, the device came to me for a test intact and without any damage.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

In addition, I found an additional box with accessories. In this box, I saw a charging cable, a lens cloth, remote control, and instruction in English. I was a little upset that the package did not include an HDMI cable and a cable for audio jacks. Although I always remembered the cost of the projector, which was about $100.

Design, build quality, and materials used

But the appearance of the Vivibright D3000 projector really amazed me. First, it has an unusual shape when compared to everyday projectors. Let’s say conventional projectors are rectangular, but the D3000 has a vertical shape with very smooth rounded edges.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

Sometimes it seems to me that the designers tried to display the appearance of the projector in the shape of a cropped large egg. Anyway, I loved the design of the device and how it will look in my living room.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

As for the quality of the materials used, I also have no strong comments. The manufacturer uses matte white plastic in its design, and a gray fabric is used on the front side. Thus, the combination of white and gray represents a minimalistic style.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

As for the build quality, the body is made of monolithic plastic. But I cannot call the projector perfectly assembled, since the side ends creak a little, especially in the lower part near the holes of the cooling system. The rest of the assembly is not bad and given its cost of $100, I have no strong claims.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

On the front of the Vivibright D3000 projector is located the LED lens itself and just below there is an IR infrared port for the remote control. Here I would like to note a small drawback – this is the lack of a protective cap for the lens. Therefore, you will have to periodically wipe the lens itself from dust more often.

The upper part of the body received a focus adjustment knob and mechanical control buttons. When I tested the projector, it was a little hard for me to get used to the controls on the cabinet, as the layout of the buttons was rather strange. But after a while, I could safely control the projector even though the cabinet and without using the remote control.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

The back of the Vivibright D3000 has received many useful external interfaces. For example, here I found – these are two USB 2.0, two HDMI, SPDIF, audio output, and one more infrared port for the remote control. Below is the connector for the power cable. In addition, two speakers can be seen just above all external connections, but I will talk about the sound quality a little later.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

Meanwhile, the side ends, both left and right sides, received ventilation holes for the cooling system. Therefore, I do not recommend installing the device in a closed space, for example, somewhere on a shelf. Otherwise, the projector may overheat and the lens array may be burned out easily.

But the lower part of the projector received a sticker with the main parameters of power consumption and brand information. There is also a threaded tripod hole and four anti-slip feet.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

The last thing I have to tell you about is the appearance of the remote control. The remote itself is very light and fits well in the hand, and it is made of the same matte white material as the projector itself.

The number of buttons is minimal, but there is everything you need for full use. The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries, but they are not included in the package bundle.

Picture quality, settings, noise level, and sound quality

Before talking about the quality of the projection screen, I want to share with you a little my emotions about the level of the noise being emitted. During my testing, the noise near the projector was about 42 dB, and at a distance of one meter, about 35 dB. In general, these are good indicators for a budget projector. So, therefore when watching movies, you will not hear much discomfort from the device itself.

In terms of sound quality, I also liked the sound of the dual speakers. Yes, you may not feel the stereo sound, since the two speakers are located next to each other. And why the manufacturer did this, I still do not understand. But the volume reserve was enough for everyday viewing of an evening session of films or TV series. In addition, the speakers had good bass and even at the highest volume value, the sound did not wheeze and was clear.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

When I first turned on the projector, I was greeted by a menu with sections such as video, photos, music, resources, and settings. Immediately, I note that the main menu and the settings menu are completely different in appearance, as is the case with conventional projectors from China. For example, the settings menu has received such sections as display, audio, image, timer and more.

A useful feature is Keystone Correction, where you can change the angle of the plane of the projection screen. But I do not recommend using this function, as it is possible to spoil the focus of the projection image on the screen. I can also attribute that there are about 16 different types of languages ​​on board the projector.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

As I said, the Vivibright D3000 uses its native Full HD resolution or 1920 x 1080 pixels. I set the projector 2.5 meters away from the screen and got a projection screen size of approximately 90 inches. Yes, you can get a larger screen size, but you have to mount the projector further. The maximum projection screen size is 120 inches.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

I cannot say anything negative about the quality of the projection image, but there is one point. For example, the focus around the edges is not very clear and therefore the edges are slightly blurred. But if you use the projector to watch movies or TV shows, then you won’t even notice a lot of discomforts. But for presentations or games, you may have difficulties.

But I liked the color scheme, for example, the colors were quite realistic, vivid, and vibrant. Below I will leave a few examples of the quality of the projection screen and you can compare them with my previous reviews.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

The brightness value was 500 lumens. You may think that this is not enough, but as my practice has shown, even 500 lumens will be enough for home use. Yes, you will not be able to watch movies in the daytime.

But for presentations or watching cartoons with closed curtains, it will not cause you much discomfort. And if you also have a reflective screen, then this brightness value will be enough for you.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

In addition, on this model of the Vivibright D3000 projector, it is possible to play games since the screen refresh rate was 60 Hz. As I said, one problem with the projector is a slight blurring around the edges. Therefore, you will have problems with the readability of information during games.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

The Vivibright D3000 is an ultra-budget projector that can delight any user at home, school, or work.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

Of the positive aspects, I can single out – this is a good combination of materials used and an attractive appearance. Indeed, the design is very different from its competitors and this hooked me when choosing this model.

I also liked the presence of two speakers with good sound quality and fairly low noise levels. The quality of the projection screen is also not so bad here. The first thing you notice is that the image is crystal clear, with no visible pixels, as is possible with 720p native models.

Vivibright D3000 Review: Unusual Projector with Full HD for $110

But there are also enough shortcomings, as do not forget that the price tag for the Vivibright D3000 is quite small, about $100. On the downside, I can say that this is not the most complete set, that is, there is no HDMI or audio cable in the box. I also didn’t like the focus work, as there is a slight blur in the projected image at the edges.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, you can purchase an inexpensive Vivibright D3000 projector at a low price for just $109.09. I will also leave a link to an online store where you can buy a projector in bulk and the price will be even lower.

Considering its low cost, I can definitely recommend a new projector from Vivibright for purchase.


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