Urbanears Stadium: Bluetooth In-Ear Headset for Athletes Presented

Under the name of Urbanear’s stadium, the well-known lifestyle brand from the audio sector sends new Bluetooth in-ear headphones Urbanears Stadium into the race for the popularity among the athletes. They are now available in four different colors at a price of 99 euros.

The new Urbanears Stadium is an in-ear headphone for athletes who do not need a cable connection to the smartphone thanks to Bluetooth. The EarClick attachments should ensure a good hold in the ear and the elastic band at the neck prevents a disturbing feeling during movement, as is the case with some competition products.

Remote control behind the head: Urbanears Stadium

Urbanears Stadium: Bluetooth In-Ear Headset for Athletes Presented

Like most Urbanears products, the new stadium features a striking, colorful design, which at least I personally like very much. It is not optimal, however, to place the buttons for the music control, which are not to be found on the earphones themselves, but when worn on the back of the head. The operation of the headphones should, therefore, look a little strange.

With a price of 99 euros, the Urbanears Stadium, whose battery is supposed to last 7 hours, is quite cheap and certainly worth a look for athletes. They are now available in the colors blue, red, black and white through the official online shop of the brand below.

Source: Urbanears


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