Update Warranty: Google Confirmes Support End for Google Pixel (XL)

The Google Pixel is certainly in the Android context a special smartphone, but special attention from the manufacturer does not get it. As Google confirmed again, the life of the Pixel is limited.

Because as Google has already practiced with the Nexus devices, the Google Pixel is only provided for two years with updates. The group had already loosely communicated to the release of the smartphone, a bit late is now also a complete entry on the own support website. According to this, Google Pixel owners can expect Android updates by October 2018, after which Google cannot guarantee. In the case of a persistent popularity of the now two years old device, however, could still be an update.

Update Warranty: Google Confirmes Support End for Google Pixel (XL)

In this context, Update is, by the way, to be understood as a major software update in the sense of a new Android version. Smaller updates within the supported version as well as the monthly security patches should continue to flow in. The latter guarantees Google until at least October 2019, so the updated page at the in-house support. Here, too, Google may extend the period spontaneously even if it is widely distributed, even though it is not possible to market it after three years.

2-year update guarantee: Google Pixel in a professional round

Compared to the competition, Google is not even bad. Most Android manufacturers provide major updates for their (former) flagship smartphones for around two years – if at all. In view of the fact that contracts usually add new hardware in the 2-year cycle, the period is probably justifiable. On the same side are the Nexus devices. For example, the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X will be updated by September 2017. For Android O should be enough.

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