UmiDigi Crystal announced:Full-screen Android phone 2017 (Specs, Price)

Apparently, there were plans for such a device at UmiDigi, and there is now first information. The Xiaomi Mi Mix clone listens to the name of UmiDigi Crystal and will be available in two variants. One consists completely of metal, the other on the back of glass or plastic.

Do you remember the first announcement about UmiDigi C Note? At that time, the smartphone was announced as the Xiaomi Mi Mix clone. In fact, this was only a perfidious march to get into the conversation, which we had quite excited about.

UmiDigi Crystal: Specifications

Furthermore, the UmiDigi Crystal will be equipped with up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of memory. A Mediatek Helio P25 is to be used as a processor.

UmiDigi Crystal announced:Full-screen Android phone 2017 (Specs, Price)

According to UmiDigi, the sale of the Crystal will start from 15 June. If you register on the website, you will have the possibility to make a pre-order for only 99 US dollars.

Unfortunately, we do not provide any information about the extent to which this offer is limited, which is why we do without a link.

Source: Androidcommunity


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