Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

Ugreen has introduced a new model of TWS earbuds to the market, called Ugreen HiTune T2.

If you are considering a budget option for wireless headphones, perhaps the HiTune T2 is a good choice for you. To be more precise, I will tell you about all the nuances and advantages in a detailed review below.

As for the cost, the price tag at the time of writing on the Ugreen HiTune T2 was $37. This is not a lot and not a little, so I propose to find out the main technical features of the device, and then go to the full review.


The first thing that distinguishes the earbuds from the Ugreen brand is their stylish and, on the other hand, simple design and appearance. In addition, the device received a charging box with support for wireless charging.

I can also highlight such features as a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection with support for AAC and SBC audio codecs. A 14.2mm dynamic driver was built inside the case, and there is also sweat and splash protection under the IPX5 standard. Additionally, I can highlight a good battery life of up to 20 hours and the presence of a game mode.

Okay, I’ve covered almost all the functions, but do they do their job well in real life? Let me start my in-depth and detailed review of the configuration and appearance of the device.

Ugreen HiTune T2: Specifications

Ugreen HiTune T2:Specs
Impedance:16 ohms
Driver unit:14.2 mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:4h

Unboxing and packaging

The simplest white packaging from the Ugreen company came to my test, where on the front you can see the brand name with large letters T2. Meanwhile, on the back of the package, I found information about touch controls, specifications, and other notifications.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

I want to note that the packaging itself was made of fairly durable cardboard. Therefore, the initial appearance of the packaging did not exactly seem budgetary. I found inside the package itself – this is the charging box itself with earbuds inside. Also in separate boxes were instructions for use and a Type-C charging cable.

In general, the equipment is very good, considering the cost of the earbuds is about $35. But will everything be so good with the quality of workmanship and materials used? Let’s talk about this in a little more detail.

Design, build quality and materials

The appearance of the Ugreen HiTune T2 earbuds is very similar to the form factor of Apple AirPods. Yes, I cannot call them an exact copy, since the model from Ugreen will be slightly larger in size than from Apple products.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

This does not mean that the HiTune T2 earbuds had a terrible fit in the ear canal. In general, on the contrary, the device sits well in my ear canal and I could easily wear them even all day long without taking them off.

Do not forget that the T2 earbuds were built like semi in-ear earbuds. Therefore, the ear tips are not initially provided out of the box. However, it may even be a plus for some people, in terms of fit and ergonomics.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

If we talk about the materials used, the TWS earbuds were made of matte plastic. This was great news for me since I am not a fan of glossy plastic in any of its performances.

At the same time, the build quality was also at a decent level and during my testing, I did not find extraneous squeaks and noises. I can also highlight the presence of protection against sweat and splashes under the IPX5 standard. This means you can feel safe when using the headphones for sports purposes or during sudden rain.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

On the outer part of the body, namely on the leg itself, there is a touch control with a hole for a noise-canceling microphone. On the bottom of the leg, there are two charging contacts and a hole for the main microphone. But on the sound guide itself, there is an LED indicator in its upper part.

The charging box itself was also made of matte plastic, which may not please me. Therefore, I had no strong remarks about wear resistance. If we talk about the build quality, the lid opened quite well and did not have a strong backlash. But in the closed state, during shaking, it was possible to hear extraneous sounds from the headphones themselves.

An LED indicator was installed on the front side of the box, which indicated the remaining battery level. But on the back of the box, there was a button for pairing or resetting to factory settings. At the bottom of the case is a Type-C charging connection.

I also forgot to note that the Ugreen HiTune T2 earbuds come in two colors – white and black. Okay, I figured out the design, now let’s find out the quality of the connection and its main features.

Connection, latency, and touch control

The wireless connection is based on the Bluetooth 5.0 version, which is not the newest in its class. But I want to tell you that during my testing, namely for about 5 days, I did not have a single hang-up or interruption in the quality of the signal connection.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

If we talk about the level of latency, then it is really minimal here. In addition, the manufacturer Ugreen has installed a game mode on the HiTune T2 earbud model. For example, during games like PUBG Mobile, I had no lag issues at all. At the same time, while watching videos on YouTube, the lag was also not noticed.

A bit of information about touch control, as the functionality of the new model of wireless earbuds, impressed me a lot.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

  • One-touch calls the function of play, pause, accept, or put a phone call.
  • Double-tapping increases or decreases the volume depending on the quality.
  • Triple-tap toggles the track forward or backward.
  • Four touches switch from normal to gaming mode.
  • Holding for 2 seconds on any of the earbuds calls the voice assistant function.

Sound and microphone quality

Each of the HiTune T2 earbuds uses a rather large dynamic driver size of 14.2 mm. This means that there will be enough volume levels for all operating conditions.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

In terms of sound quality, the low frequencies are rather weak. This is not surprising, since do not forget that the headphones were designed like in-ear headphones. Also, there will be no passive noise isolation here and you will hear the surrounding sounds quite clearly.

At the same time, medium and high frequencies do a good job with the tasks. For example, the sound quality of musical instruments was high, and the vocalist’s voice sounded several tones brighter and more massive.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

Given its pricing policy and shape, I definitely liked the sound quality of the new earbud model from Ugreen.

Ok, now let’s tell you my emotions from the quality of the microphones. As I already mentioned, two microphones were installed on each earbud. So in a quiet place, the microphones worked pretty well and my interlocutors heard me clearly. But the work of the noise-canceling microphone did not give me positive impressions. But I can say that the interlocutors heard my voice clearly. Although at the same time, extraneous noises were also heard.

Battery and run time

Each Ugreen HiTune T2 earbud was able to play for about 3 hours and 50 minutes at 80% volume. This is a good indicator for budget TWS earbuds.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

Using the charging box, you can recharge the earbuds an additional 4 times. Therefore, the total battery life with the charging box will be up to 20 hours of battery life.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

Another manufacturer, Ugreen installed fast charging and in 10 minutes of charging, the earbuds can work for 1 hour. It will take 50 minutes to fully charge the earbuds. And the charging box can be charged via the Type-C connection in 1.5 hours. Another interesting feature is the presence of wireless charging, which also worked well.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

After thoroughly testing the new model of Ugreen HiTune T2 earbuds, I still have quite positive feelings.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

For example, one of the advantages I can attribute is a comfortable fit in the ear canal due to its low weight. I also liked the functional touch controls, good microphone quality, and sound quality in the mid and high frequencies.

Yes, do not forget that these are semi in-ear earbuds, so you should not expect passive noise isolation. But I was very pleased with the work of the game mode and it was very comfortable for me to play games without much delay.

Ugreen HiTune T2 Review: TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging

On the other hand, the HiTune T2 earbuds have almost no bass. Therefore, lovers of low frequencies should consider another earbud option.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, the price tag for the Ugreen HiTune T2 earbuds is very attractive, which is only $37.13.

If you are interested in earbuds that look like AirPods but cost an order of magnitude less, then the option from Ugreen is a good choice.


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