TWRP is now available for Xiaomi Mi6 (Price and Buy)

We have long commented that the root world is down. Fewer ROMs are made, fewer users are interested, and there are fewer features unique to users who have access to the root of their phone. Even so, we know that you are a user with a desire to change ROMs, try new features that are only available through root and experiment with your new device. Well, you should know that TWRP is available for the Xiaomi Mi6, one of the best devices of the moment.

If you have purchased a Xiaomi Mi6, it means that you understand the market, and you may want to experiment with the different ROMs and device functions. A few weeks ago, we left you with a tutorial where we teach you to detect a fake ROM in a Xiaomi device, in addition to other tutorials about the company very interesting. One of the most important things, before changing ROM and starting to mess with your phone, is to install a good recovery.

TWRP for the Xiaomi Mi6 is now up and running

TWRP is now available for Xiaomi Mi6 (Price and Buy)

Every time a new device appears on the market, the community gets to work to offer us the best ROMs, translated applications and dozens of tricks. One of those things that you always need when you are going to change ROM, is a good recovery. For several years, the best is TWRP. It has dozens of possibilities, allows us to flash ROMs of all kinds, install application packages and much more.

Well, thanks to an XDA user, we can already enjoy the best recovery in the Xiaomi Mi6. It is one of the most important things for all those who have the device and want to start experimenting with new ROMs, as it will make the job much easier. Also installing such recovery is very simple.

TWRP is now available for Xiaomi Mi6 (Price and Buy)

If you are interested in this recovery, you are sure to be an expert in the matter, and just download the image of TWRP, copy it to your Xiaomi Mi6, start in fastboot mode and install the image. Once this is done, just restart the device and you are ready. You can follow the more detailed steps in the XDA thread where the information has been uploaded. In addition, it is where you will find the file to download TWRP.

Source: XDA


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