Two new Nokia Mobile Phones Appear in Video

New Nokia mobile phones with camera we took some time without talking about Nokia. It is one of the best-known companies in the world of telephony, but it is not until a few months ago when it has firmly penetrated the world of smartphones. We have seen several presentations of the company, such as Nokia 6, Nokia 5 or Nokia 3. These are the new Nokia mobile phones for the mid-range, although we have also seen how the new Nokia 3310 was present. We were able to try them all at the MWC in Barcelona, and the new stage of the company left us with good taste.

Two new Nokia Mobile Phones Appear in Video

Today, it is about talking about the future of the company, since although we have not seen devices of high range; they are in the mind of Nokia. Also, it will be this year when we see them appear. At the moment there is no official date, although everything indicates that after summer they will surprise us with their flagship. Today, we come with information in the form of the video really interesting, which lets us see the next bets of Nokia.

New Nokia Mobile Phones will bet on double camera

Thanks to Evan Blass, one of the most important filterers in our industry, we can see the leaks of the new Nokia. The good news comes in video form, although we will not be able to see too much. It seems that Nokia is saving on the design since all their devices follow an almost identical line.

Two new Nokia Mobile Phones Appear in Video

In the filtered video, the most interesting thing we see in the left part of the screen, where they appear two devices without name, nor specifications. These are the two new Nokia mobiles that we have commented, and that arrive a design very similar to the others. The other two members of the image, are the Nokia 3 and 5, two devices that we already know very well.

Apparently, the new terminals could be the Nokia 7 and Nokia 8, which have been leaked on occasion. The more powerful of the two would have a double camera, and a glass back similar to the new HTC U11. The two would have a similar screen, and an almost identical front design, so we can not draw too many conclusions from this.

Two new Nokia Mobile Phones Appear in Video

Apparently, we can take these leaks more seriously than normal, as they have been leaked by a Nokia employee, and Evan Blass has confirmed that this is official information. Now, just wait, to see if Nokia finally follows this line or opting for other designs.

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