TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

You may have heard about the Chinese manufacturer TRN, which produces pretty good wired headphones. Today, delirium understands that wires are the last century and introduced new budget wireless earbuds – TRN T200.

To find out how well they are made and assembled, as well as sound quality, I suggest you read a detailed review.

As for the price? You can currently purchase the TRN T200 for around $30. Given the low cost, you should not think much. But in fact, the earbuds showed themselves with the perfect combination of price and technical characteristics.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

TRN T200: TWS with Dynamic and Armature Drivers, Bluetooth 5.0, 50(600) mAh

Price: $31.33
Price: $31.33 Less

For example, the TRN T200 is a full-fledged hybrid headphone that received one dynamic and one armature driver. In addition, the T200 model is equipped with a standard Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, support for the aptX codec, and good battery life.

But is everything so good and flawless with a budget wireless earbud model, let’s find out below.

TRN T200: Specifications

TRN T200:Specs
Impedance:16 ohms
Driver unit:Dynamic and Armature Drivers
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:aptX, AAC and SBC
Battery:50(600) mAh
Charging Time:90 min
Connections:Micro USB
Music Time:5,5h

TRN T200: Unboxing

The appearance of the package received a very attractive design, and the dimensions are standard, like most wireless earbuds. On the front part, I see a picture of earbuds and a charging case, the name of the model and the designation of the main options.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

On the back of the box is a list of technical specifications.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

I was met inside the package – this is a charging box with earbud inside, a charging micro USB cable, a set of interchangeable ear tips, and instructions for use.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

The quality of the ear tips is not high, but the presence of a micro USB cable speaks of the last century and does not smell of fast charging. The manufacturer has clearly saved on the configuration, but for its price of about $ 30, you should not expect more. I assume that the sound quality will be at a decent level, but about the sound a little later.

TRN T200: Design

The TRN T200 earbuds received an interesting body shape and in the ears, the new model sits very well and firmly.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

The case is not made of the highest quality plastic. This is a combination of glossy on the outside and matte plastic on the inside. I have no complaints about the assembly. The earbuds are well assembled if you do not take into account budget plastic.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

Once again, I would like to betray that the shape of the earbuds has special protrusions that fit well in the ear canal. Thanks to this, I could deal with them during a quick run and they were definitely from the ear canal at the wrong time.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

On the front side is the company logo, which also serves as a multi-touch control panel. I want to note that even for my budget price, I had almost no exact and accidental touches during testing. Also nearby is a notification LED and it flashes every 8 seconds.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

On the inside of the earbud housing, there are two magnetic contacts for charging and a channel designation, that is, a left or right earbud.

The sound guide received the correct angle and length, but there is no groove for updating to better fix the ear cushions. But the sound guide has protection against ingress of debris and dust – a metal mesh.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

I note right away that standard ear tips are not of the highest quality and they degrade the sound by an order of magnitude. Therefore, I installed ear tips from more expensive models of headphones and the sound has changed for the better at times.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

The protection against sweat and splash water is present under the IPX5 standard. Going to sports will not be a problem, but swimming in the pool or taking a shower is not allowed.

The charging case is made of glossy plastic but has a specific color, so fingerprints do not remain on the case.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

The cover has a magnetic connection and it does not play, it also holds well in the open position at any angle.

The charge indications can say no. Let’s say there is a micro USB port and a charge level indicator on the rear panel. But the latter only works when the case itself is charged.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

The dimensions of the case are small and the weight is not heavy; you can also put them in your jeans pocket without any problems.

Appearance TRN T200 is fully consistent with its price. The quality of the plastic is low, but the size and shape will make it comfortable to wear them for a long time throughout the day.

TRN T200: Connection and Control 

Of course, even budget headphones have a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 version. Also, the TRN T200 earbuds were equipped with a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip and the presence of aptX codec.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

The signal quality is good and during testing, I did not have any failures or loss of connection with the smartphone. The connection is quite fast and there is almost no delay on YouTube, but there is a slight delay in games.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

Connecting with a smartphone is very simple, you need to get the earbuds from the case to turn them on. When the indicator flashes, then go to the Bluetooth menu on your device and connect to the TRN T200 device.

I am always surprised that even budget earbuds have much more control functionality than expensive wireless models.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

For example, with a double touch on any of the TRN T200 earbuds – play/pause, and also accept/put the handset. Pressing three times switches tracks forward or backward depending on the headphone channel. Long touchpad hold – volume control. Therefore, I have no questions for control, here the company TRN tried well and correctly.

TRN T200: Sound

As I already wrote, the TRN T200 is a hybrid earbud that received one dynamic and armature driver. Will the sound quality be better than a single dynamic emitter? Let’s find out right now.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

The earbuds have a greater bias at low and high frequencies, so the sound quality is very crystal clear.

I can’t ignore the bass, as it is strong and voluminous here. Of course, it is difficult to compare with top-end earbuds, but as for its price, the bass is just perfect.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

But the middle frequencies are a little failed, so the sound is vague and not very detailed, as I would like to hear.

This model of TRN T200 wireless earbuds reproduces genres such as rock, jazz, instrumental music, and classics. Although I can’t say that other genres are bad. As for the price of listening to music on the T200 will be a pleasant experience.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

The main competitor for the TRN T200 will be KZ S1. The S1 model lies in almost the same price range and also has two emitters, like the T200. If you compare them by sound, then it is very similar and it is very difficult to find a strong difference.

The microphone quality is low on the TRN T200. The interlocutor will hear you, but your voice will be very muffled, like from a barrel. The short phone calls will not be a problem, but long ones are not for the T200.

TRN T200: Battery

The battery life on a single charge was about 5.5 hours at maximum volume. The TRN T200 received 50 mAh earbuds in each, and the charging case has 600 mAh.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

The result of battery life is not bad, and how to expect more value does not make sense. The total time using the charging box will be about 28 hours.

The charging time through the ancient micro USB connector will be about 1.5 hours.

TRN T200: Conclusion and Reviews

Recently, hybrid earbuds using two emitters are conquering the budget market for wireless earbuds. The model TRN T200 proved to be surprisingly worthy, but could not do without flaws.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

By cons, I can highlight – this is cheap plastic, a flashing notification indicator, the presence of a micro USB port and the quality of the microphone.

But the advantages are immediately visible on the face, for example, technical stuffing with good specs, sound quality, multifunctional control has all the possible options. Also, battery life at an average level.

TRN T200: Price and Where to buy cheaper? 

Now you can order TRN T200 earbuds at a low price for just $31.33 with good discount up to 49%.

Even taking into account my shortcomings, I definitely can recommend earbuds for purchase. Good sound quality and good technical stuffing make the earbuds attractive to purchase.

TRN T200 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds for $30

TRN T200: TWS with Dynamic and Armature Drivers, Bluetooth 5.0, 50(600) mAh

Price: $31.33
Price: $31.33 Less

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