TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

Today I have a review of a fascinating LED projector model called the TouYinger K3.

You may ask me what is so exciting about the new projector model from TouYinger? And I will answer you that the device has very compact cylindrical dimensions and low weight. Also, it is completely autonomous and can be used in any place convenient for you.

As for the price tag, it is really biting, since you can buy the TouYinger K3 projector for a price starting from $320. Therefore, I clearly cannot call this toy a budget one.


But on the other hand, TouYinger has focused on the production of a premium projector. Therefore, the device received quite good technical specs. For example, I can attribute to the main ones – this is the native resolution at 540p and 1080p. That is, the K3 projector model has two modifications with different resolutions, but other specifications remain completely identical.

Also, the LED pocket projector received a good list of external interfaces, a built-in 8000 mAh battery, and runs on Android 7.1. In this case, the maximum value of the brightness level was 250 nits. In addition, the device can be used as a wireless speaker.

Okay, the projector from the TouYinger company really turned out to be very good from a technical point of view. But will it be that good in practice? Let’s find this out right now and start my in-depth and detailed review I am planning with the look and feel and unboxing.

TouYinger K3: Specifications

TouYinger K3:Specs
Display Technology:LED
Screen aspect ratio:4:3/16:9
Native resolution:540p or 1080p
Brightness:250 nits
Projection screen size:40-200 inches
Video Formats:1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker:Dual 3W
Lamp Life:40.000 Hours
Battery:8000 mAh
Size:90 x 90 x 161 mm
Weight:850 grams

Unboxing and packaging

A TouYinger K3 projector was delivered to me for review in a white cardboard box. On the front, you can see a drawing of the device with the name of the company and model.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

Inside the package, I found instructions, a 45W power supply, HDMI cable and power cable, and remote control. The projector itself was neatly packed in a protective shipping film.

Thus, I really liked the package bundle, since it has everything you need for full use and video viewing. Therefore, now I propose to move on to the next section and talk about the appearance and quality of performance.

Design, build quality, and materials used

First, I want to talk about the dimensions and weight of the TouYinger device. The K3 projector model has received very compact dimensions, which are only 90 x 90 x 161 mm, and the weight does not exceed 850 grams. That is, it will be very comfortable to use the projector for various purposes. Transportation will not cause you any trouble.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

Also, note that the projector has a cylindrical shape and it strongly resembles a wireless Bluetooth speaker. In fact, the device can really be used as a wireless speaker, but I will talk about the sound quality a little later.

As for the build quality, the device did not raise any questions or concerns for me. Therefore, with the quality of workmanship and assembly, I was completely satisfied. At the same time, the materials used for the projector were made of good matte plastic and metal. In general, as for its class, the materials of manufacture were very good.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

On the front, you can see a protective cover that moves up or down. The LED lens itself is hidden under the protective cover and there is even a camera sensor for automatic focusing of the projection screen image. A handy feature that allows you to position the projector at almost any distance and automatically adjust the focus of the picture.

In the meantime, the following connections are located on the back of the device. This is a 3.5mm headphone jack, two USB ports, one HDMI port, and a DC power jack. Next to the external ports is the power button.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

But on the upper edge of the TouYinger K3 projector, there is a touch panel for controlling the device. Here you can adjust the volume more or less. There is also a button for switching Bluetooth mode with a menu button and a go back. In the central part, there is a touch panel, where you can use your finger to control the gestures of the projector user interface.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

The bottom of the K3 has a tripod screw connection. Here you will also notice a round surface of rubber material that will prevent slipping.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

The remote control turned out to be the most standard one and such a remote control can often be found on TV boxes. It has a minimal number of buttons and is powered by two AAA batteries. Okay, I figured out the appearance, now let’s talk about the specifications and image quality.

Performance, projection picture, and sound quality

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the TouYinger K3 projector model comes in two versions – with a native resolution of 540p and 1080p. I have a Full HD version, so all of the sample photos below will look much better than if it was a projector with a native resolution of 540p. It is worth understanding and remembering when choosing a projector and its modification.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

Now I want to tell you a little information about the technical specifications of the device. For example, the K3 projector has a built-in budget Rockchip RK3368 processor with eight Cortex A53 cores and a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. There is also a PowerVR G6110 graphics accelerator, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal memory. In addition, the device under the Android 7.1 operating system is controlled.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

Let’s talk about the user interface and its settings. When I first turned it on, I was greeted by a fairly varied menu with many cells. Here, I found sections such as YouTube, Google Play, Programs, Settings, Files, HDMI. Also in the lower part under the cells, there is another line through which you can add or remove applications.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

In the settings section, you can see sections such as network, Bluetooth, language, projection, sound, time setting, and other settings. In other settings, you can reset all settings to factory defaults and select developer mode. There are many useful sections in the projection settings – these are projection, keystone correction, brightness adjustment, cooler speed, cursor speed, focus and zoom modes, and also setting the boot signal.

Inside the case, as I have already said, a fairly good 8000 mAh battery was installed. Therefore, I could easily use the TouYinger K3 device completely offline. That is, when the battery is fully charged, the projector can work up to 1.5 hours. In general, you can definitely watch one film or several episodes of 20 minutes each. This is a great feature, considering that the dimensions and weight of the device are very small.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

Okay, now let’s talk about the quality of the projection screen itself. First, I want to point out that I shot all the examples on a reflective screen. Therefore, the picture was very bright and rich. Perhaps if you use a projector without a screen, but simply project it onto a white wall, the picture will not be so bright.

The color rendition was completely in place and each color had the correct shade. The contrast was also good, blacks were ok and didn’t appear gray. Even a brightness level of 250 nits was sufficient for use at night. If we talk about daytime, then the rage will not quite be enough and the picture will have weak colors and contrast. But if you use the device in terms of a black and white presentation or watch bright cartoons, then even during the day you can use a projector from TouYinger.

As far as focus is concerned, automatic autofocus has always worked well. During my testing, I did not find any blurring around the edges of the projection screen. That is, I did not find any problems with the focus here. It is also worth saying that the minimum distance at which the projector can be installed from the screen will be 1 meter and the maximum 3.2 meters.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

Accordingly, depending on the distance, you will receive the different sizes of the projection screen – this is from 38 to 120 inches. The optimal projection screen size was between 75 and 90 inches. At this size, the picture was the brightest and most saturated.

The last thing I would like to talk about is the sound quality. I already mentioned that the projector can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. So, with regard to sound quality, two speakers of 3 W of power each make a pretty good sound. The maximum volume level is enough for everyday use. Also, the sound has good bass and high frequencies did not emit annoying squeaks and sounds. But the emitted noise from the projector itself was very weak and lay in the range from 33 to 36 dB.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

After a full inspection and testing of the TouYinger K3 projector, I have very positive emotions. Therefore, let me tell you at the beginning about its advantages.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

The first, of course, is its size and weight, the device really turned out to be very compact and easy to transport. Thus, this projector model will be useful for active people. For example, you can take the projector to nature, to the country house or any other place.

I also liked that the TouYinger K3 is completely self-contained, as it has a built-in 8000 mAh battery inside the case. I can also point out that the work of the user interface was quite smooth.

TouYinger K3 Review: Compact and Fully Standalone Projector 2021 

In addition, I liked the large number of external connections, which will allow you to easily connect a game console, laptop, or another device to project an image.

Okay, now about the cons, the first and probably the most significant drawback is not the highest brightness value. In the daytime, watching dark movie scenes will be problematic. Also, I would like to get a slightly newer version of the operating system, not Android 7.1.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

As I said at the beginning of the review, the price tag for a compact or even pocket projector TouYinger K3 is very biting. That is, it can be purchased at a price of $329.59 for the basic version with a native resolution of 540p. But if you want a native 1080p resolution, then the cost will be higher – $433.59.

Yes, the cost is not the sweetest, but do not forget for what purpose the new projector model from the TouYinger brand was created and functionality is really good.


Alternative and competitors

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