On throne: Galaxy S7 is most popular Samsung smartphone in world

Although the Galaxy S8 is the smartphone of the hour, however, the predecessor is still very popular – largest, to be exact: According to one survey, the Galaxy S7 is currently the most popular Samsung smartphone worldwide. It replaces the aging Galaxy S5.

The study originates from ScientiaMobile, a US market research company, and refers to the first quarter of 2017. During this period, Samsung hasn’t modeled generated as much mobile browser calls as the Galaxy S7. What is meant here is actually only the Galaxy S7, without the Galaxy S7 edge impregnating enclosing. Previously, the Galaxy S5 had this pole position; The Galaxy S6 apparently convinced despite appealing design innovations not as many buyers as its predecessors.

Galaxy S7 replaces Galaxy S5

Since the first quarter ended in March, the Galaxy S8 still does not matter in this survey. Whether the new Samsung flagship can penetrate into similar spheres, remains to be seen. The Galaxy S7 also needed a whole year for it and was probably profiting from numerous discount campaigns, the dealers in the run-up to the S8 concept launched. In the course of this, some former S5 owners may have switched to the then cheap S7, currently, the former flagship is available for around 450 euros.

On throne: Galaxy S7 is most popular Samsung smartphone in world

An interesting observation from ScientiaMobile is that the models mentioned each time for well over a year needed to reach their popularity peak. In order to address many customers, it probably takes a lower average price, which is reached by a high-end smartphone only after the introduction of the successor.

On throne: Galaxy S7 is most popular Samsung smartphone in world

The Galaxy S5 reached its peak in November 2015, 579 days after the release. In the Galaxy S6, the high-altitude flight had already ended in June 2016, 428 days after release. The popularity of the Galaxy S7 is constantly growing and overshooting its predecessors after about 400 days market affiliation.

The detailed statistics on the popular Samsung smartphone market are available on the website of ScientiaMobile.

Source: ScientiaMobile


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