Teufel BOOMSTER XL is a modern boom box, which is a little less bulky in comparison with the TDK 2 SPEAKER BOOMBOX, but more interesting in a number of aspects. The main “chip” is the design of the sound-emitting device. It looks both aggressive and restrained at the same time.
And another column called JBL Charge 3, which I waited for this column with all the fibers and I have it! Of course, I will tell you why you want it, too. If you follow my publications, you may already have noticed that I’m slightly obsessed with music gadgets, especially wireless ones. This is my little addiction. I trudge from the wireless headphones and, of course, the speakers. I even have a small music collection, about which I will also tell sometime.

Design and body: Teufel BOOMSTER XL vs JBL Charge 3

The case of the wireless speaker system from the German manufacturer is made of aluminum. From the bottom, there is a wide optimized foot-podium. This is due to the fact that a large low-frequency driver is preinstalled on the bottom of the casing. Dimensions of the device are 51 cm in depth, 51 in width and 26 in height.

The weight does not allow taking with itself a novelty as a speakerphone is about 10 kg. But if you still want to please the sound of friends, you can fix a strong complete belt on the grooves in the side faces. Fixation is carried out by means of a so-called bayonet lock. Another interesting feature of the device is its protection against moisture ingress.

As for JBL Charge 3, it still has a cone, but the design has changed a lot, like materials. Now instead of a rigid mesh speaker and plastic frame, we have a textile surface throughout the square. In words, it sounds ambiguous, but in fact, it is pleasant and feels a reliable solution. At least, it will not be scratched exactly.
The column became bigger, and noticeably. The bicycle holder will not enter. For some it will be a repulsive moment, I think it’s better for Flip 3. However, with the increase in overall dimensions, there was a big volume without any flaws in the sound.

Now the power of the column is 20 watts, instead of 15. Added the column and in the autonomy, now it can play at an average volume of not 12, but already 20 hours! At maximum, you can safely count to 10 hours. It related to the increase in size, but rather to optimization because the battery capacity has remained 6000 mAh.
As before, you can simultaneously charge your smartphone or tablet directly from the speaker. That is, use it and as a Powerbank.

Specifications: Teufel BOOMSTER XL vs JBL Charge 3

According to the configuration, the Teufel BOOMSTER XL model is a 2.1-channel with a bass reflex system, which provides the device with good low frequencies. The configuration is 3-way. In the role of a subwoofer is a 160-mm emitter with a polypropylene diffuser. Behind the protective grill on the front side, there are several heads. Among them are a duet of fabric 25 mm dome tweeters and two medium-frequency drivers with a cellulose membrane with a diameter of 70 mm each. All of them are powered by a standard amplifier, working in class “D”. RF heads and two midrange drivers are assigned 22 watts each. The subwoofer receives 26 watts of power. According to the developers, the product will be able to process the frequency range from 44 to 20,000 Hz. The sensitivity is marked 101 dB / meter.

JBL Charge 3 is very encouraging, compared to even the Teufel BOOMSTER XL has a small step in increasing the volume. Previously, each step increased the volume very much and it was difficult to find the optimal one, especially in the morning, when you want to measure the extent of quiet sound, but it is quiet, then loud. Now the pace is very small. If you look at the example of adjusting the volume of the iPhone, then one click on the adjustment button on the iPhone is equal to four clicks on the column itself.

Teufel BOOMSTER XL has a two-band equalizer for quick setup. In addition, the owners can independently adjust all the bands and then save the settings. You can do this either through a special application on your smart devices or through an integrated set of keys on the top edge of the novelty.
Any gadget with support for Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the AptX codec library can act as a sound source. NFC support is also present.
If you want to operate the device in a more traditional cable type of material supply, then a modest set of interfaces will unfold before the client: a 3.5 mm stereo input; USB port; FM connector. All of them are hidden under silicone plugs.

The central band, which you saw on the slider, is designed to install several finger batteries. It is worth noting that there is a battery in the sound-emitting device. It is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh, but if it is discharged – you can use batteries. At an average volume level of staffed energy storage, up to 16 hours of operation should be sufficient.

Price and conclusions: Teufel BOOMSTER XL vs JBL Charge 3

Like the above-described compact wireless “colleague”, the Teufel BOOMSTER XL model can be connected to other devices and form a multiroom system. For such a peculiar miracle, developers are asking for a large amount of € 599.99. Buying a trio of devices at a discount you will form a full-fledged wireless acoustic circuit, capable of partially replacing bulky home theaters.

The cost of JBL Charge 3 is 180 dollars. This, as it were, a significant amount, given a large number of inexpensive wireless speakers. But be sure, this is one of the best or the best solution in your segment. This device, which you can shake and the company, and create an atmosphere on the sports ground, and near the pool (or even in the pool itself) to put. Excellent volume and sound quality is the most important thing.

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