SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

When faced with the SoundPeats brand, I always have only positive emotions after their products. Previously, I usually only tested TWS earbuds, but today we will talk about over-ear headphones called SoundPeats A6.

In this article, you can find out about the main advantages and disadvantages of the new model of wireless earbuds. I will also tell you about the quality of workmanship and assembly, I will share the quality of communication and battery life.

In terms of cost, the current price tag for the SoundPeats A6 headphones is just $45. This is a budget price for which you get a lot of useful features.


What makes the new headphone model from SoundPeats stand out? First of all, a 40 mm dynamic driver with Hi-Res Audio sound is used here. In addition, the manufacturer promises to have an active noise cancellation function.

Also, headphones have good endurance, for example, without recharging, they can work up to 40 hours. There is also a quick charge with which the headphones can play music for 4 hours in 5 minutes of charging.

Thus, I propose to begin a complete and detailed testing of the new model of over-ear headphones from the SoundPeats brand. Therefore, at the end of the review, you can understand whether the device is worth your attention or not.

SoundPeats A6: Specifications

SoundPeats A6:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:40 mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.2
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Battery:? mAh
Charging Time:90min
Weight:290 grams
Music Time:40h

Unboxing and packaging

The over-ear headphones are delivered in the most common cardboard packaging, which was made in a combination of white and black. On the front part, you can see a drawing of the headphones with the main technical features, which I already talked about at the beginning of the review.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

In the meantime, after unpacking, I found a pretty good package. These are, directly, the headphones themselves, a transport bag, a charging cable from Type-C to USB-A, an adapter from 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm and various documentation.

In general, the equipment is very good, given its cost. Moreover, the device came to me for review intact and without any damage. Okay, now I propose to move on to the next section and talk about the quality of execution and assembly.

Design, features and assembly

Most over-ear wireless headphones only come in one color. Therefore, it is not surprising that the SoundPeats A6 model also received one color and that is black.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

If we talk about the materials of manufacture used, then the wireless headphones from the SoundPeats company were made mainly of matte plastic. I liked the material used as it did not leave fingerprints or other annoyances on its body.

In addition, I also did not reveal any special complaints about the build quality. All components of the headphones have been perfectly assembled and arranged. Therefore, I had no problems in assembly and execution. Even if we talk about protection from water, then the device has received protection under the IPX5 standard. This is not surprising since these are budget, inexpensive, over-ear headphones.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

Another design feature that I liked is the folding structure. For example, the device can be easily folded and rotated.

In terms of adjustment values, the new generation of the SoundPeats A6 had a number of adjustment positions. That is, you can increase or decrease the size of the attachment of the two ear cups without any special complaints.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

In addition, I liked the soft material used, both on the cups themselves and on the top of the rim. I assume that they are using artificial leather, but even after prolonged wear, my ears did not sweat and I was very pleased with this feature.

At the same time, the weight of the SoundPeats A6 headphones themselves was only 290 grams. Therefore, both me and my wife were comfortable wearing headphones even for several hours. Also, I did not find any particular weariness from wearing. Naturally, jogging or going to the gym will not be very comfortable, but listening to music in everyday use will be just right.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

All controls for the SoundPeats A6 have been located on the right earcup of the device. These are a volume rocker, a power button, an LED indicator, a 3.5mm jack, a microphone, and a button to toggle ANC active noise cancellation.

At the same time, on the left cup, you can see only one Type-C port for charging with an LED indicator. That is, the left channel of the headphones received not only a driver inside, but also a built-in battery.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

Well, I figured out the appearance, now let’s talk about the connection method and its features.

Connection, delay and control

In fact, during my review, I never found any information about the Bluetooth wireless version. But I assume that the Bluetooth version is not lower than 5.0 here.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

At the same time, during the test, I did not reveal any special complaints about the quality of sound and data transfer with a smartphone. In addition, the device has a good sound quality, but let’s talk about it a little later.

As for the latency, there is no game mode, and the manufacturer does not advertise the device as a game one. But while listening to videos or music on Youtube, I had no particular complaints. There was a slight lag in PUBG Mobile, albeit not particularly significant.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

If we talk about management, then not everything is so bad in terms of its functionality. For example, one press of the power button causes play or pause. One press of the up or down button increases or decreases the volume level. In this case, if you hold the buttons up and down, you can switch the track forward or backward. There is also a separate button that switches from music or normal mode to active noise canceling mode.

Sound and microphone quality

A 40 mm dynamic driver is responsible for the sound, and in fact this is the most standard size for over-ear headphones of this class. Of the other features, I can highlight the presence of the active noise cancellation function, but now let’s find out a little about the sound itself.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

For example, the headroom in the SoundPeats A6 model was quite sufficient for everyday tasks. I think even the maximum value of the volume level will be very dangerous for your hearing.

In addition, I liked the presence of low frequencies with the presence of spacious and massive bass. At the same time, the mid and high frequencies also played well. The detail in the musical instruments was sufficient and the vocalist’s voice sounded straightforward and expressive.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

With Active Noise Canceling enabled, the SoundPeats add a small amount of volume to the bass. But the middle and high frequencies were not so expressive and crystal clear. Although using ANC in noisy places in the city or public transport was very comfortable. Ambient sounds were blocked very well. In addition, the headphones had good passive sound insulation.

As for the microphones, I did not find any particular complaints about its work. My interlocutors heard me clearly not only in quiet places, but in loud ones as well. Therefore, I had no particular problems with the microphone.

Battery and run time

I have not found any information about the built-in battery capacity on the SoundPeats A6. But I was pleasantly surprised by the battery life I received.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

For example, during my testing, at 60-70% volume and using active noise canceling, the device lasted 24 hours and 30 minutes. The result is very good. The manufacturer also promises up to 40 hours of listening to music, but with the ANC mode turned off and at 50% volume level.

Even if the headphones are completely discharged, then you can connect them through the 3.5 mm jack and use them like ordinary wired headphones. I can also highlight the presence of fast charging via the Type-C connection. With a 5-minute charge, you can get up to 4 hours of battery life. At the same time, a full charge took me about 1.5 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

The SoundPeats A6 are near-perfect full-size wireless headphones with many interesting features.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

The main advantage I can attribute is the presence of the active noise cancellation function. I also liked the workmanship and build quality. All components were assembled in their places and did not emit extraneous sounds and squeaks.

Another positive aspect is the presence of high-quality and dynamic sound. The sound was really spacious and played in a very balanced way. And the battery life also can not please me.

SoundPeats A6 Review: Over-ear Headphones with ANC Mode

As for the cons, they are also available, but I cannot consider them, since given their cost, all the cons were very minor.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Once again, SoundPeats has proven its professionalism with a new model of over-ear wireless headphones.

You can now purchase the SoundPeats A6 headphones at a negligible cost for only $45.99 with a 51% discount. Therefore, I can easily recommend this device model for purchase.


Competitors and alternative

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