Sony FES Watch U 2: Chameleon Watch with Good Autonomy

If you like wearables and to be more specific smartwatches, you are in luck since we are going to tell you about the new Sony FES Watch U 2.

Although the Japanese brand has already launched the first version of this smart watch to the market (now it is priced at $ 200), it seems that they were left wanting more and return to the cargo following the same line. Then you can see them together.

Sony FES Watch U 2 different and personal all in one

We say chameleon for how versatile this smart watch can become when it comes to combining it with our style of dress.

Sony FES Watch U 2: Chameleon Watch with Good Autonomy

The first thing you should know is that this wearable uses an electronic ink screen or “e-ink”, which will make it have a ridiculous consumption compared to the smartwatches of other well-known companies. It has a thin and elegant design that will undoubtedly please the most sybarite for its appearance and style.

If you like watches, many times you have wanted to change leash to give you another style more sporty, elegant or informal. Well with the Sony FES Watch U 2 this will stop worrying you, as it incorporates on your belt the same technology as your screen.

Sony FES Watch U 2: Chameleon Watch with Good Autonomy

With e-ink technology we can combine the appearance or “print” that we have on the screen directly on our belt to achieve a continuity effect that is often sought in fashion and why not say it, which is very cool.

Customizing the Sony FES Watch U 2

Although there are already a few designs preloaded and can be downloaded more, thanks to an application that will install on our smartphone, we can take a photo that we choose and release it to our watch.

Although at the moment we do not have it in our market, we can anticipate that it is already on sale in Japan at a price of about 400 euros in the white and silver versions. Its Premium Black version will be around 500 euros.

Source: Theverge


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