Snapdragon 660: processor that was not meant to exist

If you like the guts of electronic devices, the processors may be probably the most interesting components. Built with technologies unthinkable years ago, these brains have so many subcomponents that can be generated innumerable variants practically interchanging them. But they are not all numbers.

After the processors, and the rest of the components, there are stories about how they started from an idea to finish in the chains of construction. What happens is that these stories are rarely known and probably are rarely as curious as for the one that led the Snapdragon 660 to the market. It has been revealed by a well-known Chinese analyst, Pan Jiutang, supposedly with direct information from Qualcomm itself.

The Snapdragon 660 should not exist

As Pan Jiutang says, the Snapdragon 660 was never in Qualcomm’s plans, but these were quite different. It seems that the American processor manufacturer intended to develop a less powerful version of its Snapdragon 835, a chip that should have carried the model number MSM8897 but did not see the light due to technical problems.

These problems had to do with the difficulty to produce a good quantity and at a good rate, of processors of 10 nanometers. As we said here on Xataka Mobile some time ago, the 10-nanometer technology produces slower-than-expected processors, which has hampered production of the Qualcomm’s leading processor.

The slowness of manufacturing at 10 nanometers forced Qualcomm to quickly decide

Snapdragon 660: processor that was not meant to exist

Given the delays that already suffered the Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm decided to take action in the matter and reduce the claims of its new processor. Hence, they turned to the development and construction of the Snapdragon 660, 14 nanometers, and whose results before the launch already ventured a processor of height.

Not for nothing, it was intended to be part of the 800 series of Qualcomm and finished a line underneath, but incorporating some key features. Like Kryo custom cores. In fact, the Snapdragon 660 is Qualcomm’s first mid-range processor to mount Kryo cores, specifically the Kryo 260 (the 280 are at 835).

The Snapdragon 653 was to lead

Thus, the Snapdragon 653 was called to be the leader of line 600 of Qualcomm but a new chip altered its plans. The Snapdragon 660 landed in the mid-range for not finding technology that would support its manufacture in the upper range, and therefore the Snapdragon 835 has not had a battle mate. We do not know if the future Snapdragon 836 will come to have it.

The “degradation” of the 660 moved to 653, which was original to lead the 600 series of Qualcomm

Snapdragon 660: processor that was not meant to exist

And with this information provided by Pan Jiutang, we know that the Snapdragon 660 was “improvised”, keeping the expression in quotation marks. A companion of the lower level of the chip 835 that had to be degraded to obtain a rate of production able to attend the demand. The plans of the chip makers also change, as we can see.

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