DisplayMate specialists tested the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen in detail and made a verdict: the new flagship of the Korean company has the best display among all existing smartphones.
Screen Samsung Galaxy S8 received the highest rating of specialists DisplayMate
In principle, it was difficult to expect any other assessment. First, the huge screen of the Galaxy S8 is the key to the device. Secondly, Samsung’s top models are not the first time they receive such feedback.
The last leader on the display part of DisplayMate was last year’s Galaxy Note 7. However, the latter lost the problem with the battery, which could explode or catch fire at the most uncomfortable moment, which is why the manufacturer had to withdraw the entire print run.
To the creation of the new Galaxy S8, Samsung engineers came very thoroughly. The smartphone retained the dimensions of its predecessor, but the screen diagonal was increased to 5.8 inches from 5.1. You can even say that the company has made a small revolution in the smartphone market.

Screen Samsung Galaxy S8 received the highest rating of specialists DisplayMate

At the same time, the Koreans refused to release flagships with a flat display, thus eliminating the need for a prefix Edge in the name of the smartphone. The screen resolution is 2960 × 1440 pixels (WHQD +), that is, it is very wide.
Another chip that appeared in Samsung Galaxy S8 has the ability to change the active resolution. Three options are available: HD + (1440 × 720), FHD + (2220 × 1080) and WHQD + (2960 × 1440). This allows the user to choose between performance + autonomy and image clarity.

Screen Samsung Galaxy S8 according to DisplayMate:

  • The best power consumption despite the higher resolution and dimensions compared to last year’s Galaxy S7.
  • The limiting brightness is 1020 nits.
  • Covering 142% of the color space sRGB / Rec.709 (that is, the picture will be as realistic as possible).
  • Covering 113% of the color space DCI-P3.
  • Low color inversion.
  • HDR-effect, which provides high realism of the image on the screen.
  • Excellent response time and viewing angles.

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