Everyone has experienced that sensation of vertigo when we see the battery of our mobile descend faster than we would like. It is not always easy to carry an external battery or have a plug by hand. So, today we bring you an app that will help you save battery on Android.

The application in question is Greenify, we talk about the few trusted applications that can help us to make the better management of our battery. It has 4.4 stars out of 5 on Google Play and millions of downloads that support its quality. Its operation a priori is simple, it detects those applications that more battery consumers to put them in a state of hibernation.

It’s possible to save battery on Android

How to save battery on Android using Greenify

The first thing to note is that this application is not a “task killer”. But it hibernates the applications with the objective of reducing the load of the CPU and the RAM. With this, we can contribute to saving battery in our device.

Greenify basically works through three different modes: no root, root, and boost. The non-root mode allows you to manually hibernate applications, but Greenify will not hibernate them automatically. The root mode allows applications to automatically hibernate to Greenify. Finally, the boost mode requires root also but it is more powerful and it also allows hibernate system applications such as the phone. It should be noted that the latter more complete mode requires the payment version costing 2 euros.

Today through XDA we bring you a way to enjoy boost mode without having root access in our device. Since lately Google is leaving aside the root users. This is the module Greenify4Magisk that can be installed through a few simple steps that are clearly explained here.

How to save battery on Android using Greenify

This application is a very good option for all those who are looking for a quality solution for battery problems. Although unfortunately there are no wonders, it is possible that with this app you can scratch a few more minutes a day to your android. Also maybe you are interested in other tricks to save battery on Android.

Source: XDA


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