Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

The high-quality gaming earbuds are a real rarity on the Internet. But today I have on review a very interesting model of TWS earbuds called Saramonic SR-BH60.

Saramonic introduced the first wireless earbuds in its history in a playful way. And how interesting it was for me to know their sound, ease of fit and even the quality of the microphone. Therefore, if you are looking for a good and high-quality model of earbuds at other times, then bypassing the SR-BH60 will not be the right choice.

Now about the price, currently the cost of the Saramonic SR-BH60 earbuds will cost you $105. But whether it is a lot or not, let’s look at the technical component.


The first thing that distinguishes the new headphone model from the Saramonic brand is its futuristic design with beautiful LED strips. The device also received a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, IPX5 water protection, minimal latency in games and much more.

Thus, I propose to start taking apart gaming wireless earbuds and find out their strengths and weaknesses. But first, I want to start my first test with the appearance of the package and the set.

Saramonic SR-BH60: Specifications

Saramonic SR-BH60:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:8 mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:7h

Unboxing and packaging

The Saramonic SR-BH60 earbuds are delivered in a rather voluminous and large package. You can immediately notice that these are not budget earbuds, but a truly premium brand. Of course, this is what the price tag is about $100.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

The front side of the package displays a drawing of the earbuds with the model name and other features. I also had no comments on the quality of workmanship, since the cardboard of the box is quite thick and strong.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

Inside the box itself, I found the SR-BH60 earbuds themselves, a charging box and a set of additional ear tips. You can also find accessories such as a Type-C charging cable, various documentation and a suede case for the case.

All components are made of quality materials and I did not find any problems during my testing. But let’s take a closer look at the workmanship of the earbud and its main design.

Design, build quality and materials

The first thing I want to mention is the different color options. Saramonic manufactures its SR-BH60 TWS earbud in two colors – black and red. I have it in black on my test, but I guess the red will look cool as well as the black version.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

The quality of the plastic is very good, and it cannot be otherwise, since the price tag for the device exceeds the $ 100 mark. The new headphone model was made from a combination of matte plastic. But the outer part of the earbuds uses already glossy plastic in its performance.

In the assembly, I also had no comments, the Saramonic SR-BH60 earbuds are well assembled and do not have any extraneous squeaks and noises. It is also worth noting the presence of protection against water under the IPX5 standard. But this does not mean that you can swim or shower with earbuds.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

When it comes to fit, I liked the side ear hooks. They allow me to sit well in my ear canal. Even while running, I had no hint that the earbuds were about to fall out.

But the shape and dimensions of the earbuds, and especially considering that these are vacuum earbuds, will not let you use them for a long time. That is, I was able to sit with earbuds in my ears for about 1.5 hours without a break. After that, my ears demanded a rest.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

The outer part of the SR-BH60 headphone housing has a touch-sensitive LED indicator. Meanwhile, on the inside, there are two charging contacts. The microphone hole was installed in the correct place, namely at the bottom of the leg.

Now a little about the charging box, which also attracts attention. The first thing that catches your eye is the LED strips on the front of the case. These three bars also indicate the remaining battery charge.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

There are also two additional stripes that resemble the shape of the eyes. They were located under the cover of the charging box. Also, they will light up only when the earbuds are located on the seats of the case.

But the Type-C port was located on the back of the charging case. At the same time, there is no other type of charging provided in the box. That is, there is no wireless charging on board the Saramonic box.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

Of course, the appearance of both the earbuds and the charging box gives me only positive feelings. These earbuds are truly futuristic and show that they are made for gaming purposes. So let’s check if this is actually the case?

Connectivity, latency and touch controls

Perhaps Bluetooth 5.0 connection is not the newest version in wireless communication, since even budget earbuds already have Bluetooth 5.1 or Bluetooth 5.2 versions. Although I cannot say that the communication quality in the Saramonic SR-BH60 earbuds is very bad, quite the opposite.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

During my testing, the earbuds showed themselves on the positive side. For example, the signal quality was always high and I did not find any problems with interruptions even at a distance of 10 meters from the signal source.

The connection of the new earbud model is standard, like most TWS devices. Therefore, you will definitely not have any connection problems. I can also note that the SR-BH60 earbuds do not have a proprietary application for deeper settings, and this is probably considered a small disadvantage.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

To enter the game mode, you must stomp three times on any of the earbuds. If the indicator is white, this is the normal mode, and if it is blue, this is the game mode. The manufacturer promises a latency level of 60ms in game mode, but is this really so, let’s find out.

Yes, I cannot determine the exact value of the delay level. But in games such as PUBG Mobile it was very comfortable to play. At the same time, there was no delay at all, and indeed now I can easily say that these are real gaming earbuds. Naturally, there were no problems while watching videos on Youtube.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

Now about the touch control, it works well here, I did not find any accidental clicks.

  • One touch makes play, pause, accept or reject a phone call.
  • Double-tapping the left channel switches the track forward, and the right one – backward.
  • As I said, triple-touch switches the TWS modes of the earbuds.

But I really missed such functions as volume control or calling a voice assistant.

Sound and microphone quality

In addition, the new Saramonic SR-BH60 earbuds also did not disappoint with the sound quality. The manufacturer has focused more on mid and high frequencies. Therefore, this very range received a well-pronounced voice of the vocalist and musical instruments.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

At the same time, even at the maximum volume level, the earbuds play very decently and I did not find any extraneous annoying squeaks and sounds.

Although if we talk about low frequencies, then I also cannot say that they play badly. Since these are inside duct vacuum earbuds, the low frequencies cannot be bad. Yes, there is good and spacious bass here with pleasant tones.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

In general, given its cost, I really liked the sound of the new Saramonic SR-BH60 earbuds. This is a really high-quality product, but it also has some drawbacks. For example, there are no modern technologies on board the device. I mean for the function of active noise cancellation, transparency mode and even an automatic pause sensor.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

As for the sound quality of the microphone, the SR-BH60 also did not disappoint its manufacturer Saramonic. Considering the fact that the company has previously made good studio microphones, it would be ridiculous to expect terrible microphone quality in wireless earbuds. Indeed, the microphones sound very bright and even in noisy places the interlocutors heard me well.

Battery and run time

One of the earbuds uses a 60mAh battery, while a 500mAh battery was installed in the charging box. The manufacturer guarantees up to 7 hours of battery life of the earbuds without recharging, and with the use of the box, the battery life will grow to 17 hours. But is this so in practice?

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

After my testing of the Saramonic SR-BH60 earbuds, I was pleasantly surprised with the result. At 70-75% volume level, the earbuds worked for 6 hours and 44 minutes. This is a pretty good result and is very similar to what the manufacturer says.

But fast charging is not provided, since it is wireless charging itself. It took me about 1 hour to fully charge the earbuds, and about 2 hours on the charging box via the Type-C port.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

After a week of active use of the Saramonic SR-BH60 wireless gaming earbuds, I was left with positive emotions and impressions.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

I cannot call our hero purely playable, since with this model I was comfortable listening to podcasts, books and listening to music. That is, the SR-BH60 model is suitable for everyday use, but also for sports activities.

I can also attribute to the positive aspects – this is good ergonomics and fit, thanks to special earhooks. But here it is worth saying that these are in-ear vacuum earbuds, so listening to music for hours will not be very comfortable and your ears will ask for rest after 1.5 hours.

Saramonic SR-BH60 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds 2021

The quality of workmanship and materials proved to be positive. Also, if battery life is important to you, then the SR-BH60 model performs well with almost 7 hours of battery life.

Among the shortcomings, I can single out this Bluetooth 5.0 version, the absence of active noise cancellation, transparency mode, a sensor for auto-pause and weak touch control in terms of its functionality.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Now the cost of the Saramonic SR-BH60 TWS gaming earbuds was $104.49 with a 5% discount.

Yes, this may not be the sweetest cost, but the earbuds have definitely proven themselves excellent, despite their shortcomings. If you’ve been looking for quality wireless gaming earbuds for a long time, then the Saramonic model is a good choice.


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