Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre-order phase also successful in Europe

Shortly after Samsung announced some details about the international success of the phase of the Galaxy S8 pre-order, one now also to the figures for the European market. Again, you could surpass the predecessor and amazingly often sell the plus model.

Samsung has succeeded with the Galaxy S8 – about 30 percent more frequently the new flagship smartphone was pre-ordered internationally compared to its predecessor. Also in Europe, the figures look similar, here they increased by 27 percent. If only the first three days of the pre-ordering phase are considered, the increase of 85% is even significantly greater.

Galaxy S8 Plus sells well

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre-order phase also successful in Europe

The change to the 18: 9 format and the resulting rather narrow housing seem to have worked well on the sales figures of the Galaxy S8 Plus. According to Samsung, over 40 percent of all pre-buyers decided to buy the larger and more expensive model, which I personally would not have expected. The most popular were the colors Midnight Black and Orchid Gray throughout Europe.

Exact sales figures were, of course, not published by Samsung and should be maximized based on the quarterly figures of the second quarter. Until these are released, however, some time will pass.

Source: AllaboutSamsung


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