Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus update against display reddish rolls out

Samsung is delivering an update to the European market launch of the Galaxy S8 Plus, which corrects problems with color rendering. The new Galaxy S8 Plus update firmware version is not yet available in Europe but is expected in the coming days.

Samsung’s new flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are now officially available on the European market. According to Sammobile, the South Korean manufacturer has now begun to deliver an important update for the devices. The new firmware is intended to ensure that the display error can be corrected by the user himself, for some copies whose display has a red print.

Galaxy S8 Plus update against display?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus update against display reddish rolls out

As previously reported, some of the Galaxy S8’s predecessors or S8 Plus, who have already received their smart new smartphones, complained about a red dash of the 5.8 or 6.2-inch Infinity display. Samsung responded swiftly to the criticism and reassured the minds with the statement that it was not a hardware error, but a configuration problem that could be managed with an update from the world.

According to the latest information, this update is now complete and is rolled out for the Samsung devices with the firmware version number “G950NKSU1AQDG” and “G950NKSU1AQDG” as a so-called OTA (over the air) update worldwide. As basically always with such updates, the distribution is however in several waves, staggered by region and mobile radio provider. However, Germany is not yet one of the countries where the new firmware is available for download. The manufacturer started in his home market South Korea.

According to Sammobile, Samsung does not change the color display of the S8 Plus display by the update. Instead, it provides users with new configuration modes for the screen, which can be used to adjust the color temperature. Thus, the problem of a reddish appearance should be corrected manually.

Apart from these changes on the setting menu of the Galaxy S8 series apart is at the moment not known whether Samsung with the new update still further changes.

Source: Sammobile

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