Announced literally a couple of weeks ago, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 can already in the very near future get an update to Android 7.1 Nougat. Recall that by default “on board” the smartphone is installed version of Android 7.0.
Samsung Galaxy S8 may soon be upgraded to Android 7.1 Nougat

Of course, many will ask the question: why it was impossible to immediately release the Galaxy S8 to the market with the most current version of the system? The answer is simple: so far Samsung has focused on the release of the most stable and high-quality product, which will be insured for 100% of the fate of last year’s Note 7.
Now, when the Samsung Galaxy S8 is launched in mass production, it’s time for smaller, but useful improvements. Actually, Android 7.1 is very little in what surpasses version 7.0, especially since Koreans add a lot of their chips to the firmware, making many of their functions unnecessary.
It is interesting that the stable releases of the programs Samsung S Health and GameTuner have already received support for Android 7.1 according to the description, but at the moment no smartphone of the company is running this version. Apparently, the new firmware is already actively rolling in the manufacturer’s laboratories.

Samsung Galaxy S8 may soon be upgraded to Android 7.1 Nougat
By the way, the basic version of the firmware Galaxy S8 based on Android 7.0 will not have some previously announced features. So, the voice assistant Bixby will be available initially only for owners of S8 and S8 + in South Korea, in other countries users will have to be content with the standard Google Assistant.
The point is that Bixby’s English language support is extremely raw at the moment. It will not appear until May, along with the release of the firmware update Galaxy S8. It is possible that this will happen simultaneously with the release of Android 7.1 for the new flagship.
Skeptics say that a full version of Bixby for the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released only in the fourth quarter of 2017, that is, far from the standards of the mobile technology industry – after the release of Galaxy Note 8 and other products of the Korean giant.

If the new flagship outside of South Korea does not initially have Bixby, then what will be the functionality of the new fourth hardware button?

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