Samsung Galaxy S8: Dual audio over Bluetooth 5

One of the most noteworthy new highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the built-in Bluetooth 5. I would like to emphasize here again.

By Bluetooth 5 (it really is not 5.0, but only 5), on the one hand, the range between the paired devices increases by four times and the speed of the connection should be twice as fast as under Bluetooth 4.2. In addition, the coupling process has also been accelerated.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Dual audio over Bluetooth 5

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8, there is now probably just because of the speed increase of Bluetooth 5 the so-called dual audio. This makes it possible to supply two audio devices simultaneously with sound.

In my test, I have two UE Speaker (Boom 2 and Roll 2) by Bluetooth with the mobile phone. Well, of course, without the app, which would also allow the pairing several speakers together.

Via the menu in the upper right, you can then go to the dual audio menu and can then activate the same function there.

That was it. If you switch to the audio source of your choice, the music played there will sound simultaneously on both speakers.

A really minimal delay was noticeable on one of the two speakers. But only if you concentrate on it and hold a speaker to the left and right of your ear. Absolutely capable of playing the music in a larger room of two loudspeakers.

Source: Sammobile


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