Samsung Galaxy S8 Active could look like LG G6

We’ve been talking several weeks about the high-end devices from Samsung. For some time we know everything about the Samsung Galaxy S8, you even have our analysis of the ‘Plus’ version. The glances now focus on the Galaxy Note 8, of which, we have quite interesting information. Not only are the high-end devices interesting, as the Galaxy J5 and J7 are very close to their presentation, two very important smartphones in the Samsung catalog. Today, we have information from a new member of the family, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

For several years we have seen Samsung launch a rugged version of its high end. This comes with a much more robust body, able to withstand falls, much harder immersions, and the day to day of the most patsy user. All this is without giving up one of the best screens and an enviable performance. Last year we saw how the Active version came for the Galaxy S7, and not for the S7 Edge, something normal if we have the complication of making a ruggedized smartphone with the curved screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Resigns Curve Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active could look like LG G6

When talking about robust smartphones, it is never connected with curved displays. This has an explanation and is that making a device with a design, and that has a curved screen, would be a rather obvious incongruence. The problem for Samsung comes when this year has not released a flat version of its high range.

Well, it seems that it has been solved by removing that screen and including a flat. Thanks to leaks, we can see an image of what would be the new device, or at least its front. You can appreciate the clear similarity that there is with the LG G6, a device with the curved screen and very well used. Samsung has wanted to continue offering what appears to be a screen with reduced bezels. We do not know the size of it, not even if we will finally see something like that.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active could look like LG G6

From what we are sure is that this Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will have little to do with the original Galaxy S8, at least as far as designs are concerned. Internally we expect the same device, with the same camera, processor, and screen resolution.

Source: Sammobile


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