Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be most powerful smartphone

There are still a couple of months left for the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is a device that is generating much expectation. Not only for being a new member of the Note family, with all that, entails (explosions included). But because it seems that is starting to consider the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the most powerful smartphone that has come to market. And this will come with an enhanced version of it.

Having seen the background of the brand is not to less come to think that this could be the culmination of mobile technology this year 2017. The Note range has always been characterized to include the best in the market. The advantage that takes advantage of being presented at the end of the year, when the technology has matured a bit with respect to the first few months. Seeing the design and power of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Korean firm has everything in its favor to stand out from the rest.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 be the most powerful smartphone of 2017?

It is rumored that the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the most powerful in the market. But now, a new filtration positions it a step above. Everything points to a new version with more RAM and more storage. This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition would have 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Boosting the 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage that will carry the standard version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be most powerful smartphone

A movement that would place him as the most powerful of the year. Although it would not be the only one with 8 GB of RAM, the ZTE Nubia 17 and the ASUS ZenFone AR already incorporate this huge amount of RAM. Necessary or not, that depends on each user. The better the specifications the more fluid the system will go and the longer it will last in time. But if it is difficult to take advantage of the 6 GB of RAM, it seems that many apps will have to be open to stress those 8 GB. We’ll see how much RAM is left loose.

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