Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price could be higher than expected

For several weeks we have not stopped talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and all its new features. To this day, the only thing we have clear is that it will come with a sensor of visible traces, and not under the screen as was speculated for a while. Yesterday also we could see a leak where a screen saver was present. In the image could be seen that the margins of the terminal were smaller than those of Galaxy S8, good news for all. Today the thing is not pictures, but leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price.

The price is always something that we do not like in the high-end terminals. When they left the Galaxy S8, they did it with a high price, that began above the 800 euros. Now, thanks to a rumor we can know that the price of Galaxy Note 8 would start very high, so much, that could even reach the 4 figures.

Could it be 999 euros the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price could be higher than expected

Thanks to the information that brings Venture Beat we can know the first figure on the price of Note 8, and sure that if you are a user wanting to buy it, you will not like it too much. It is speculated that the Galaxy Note 8 arrives at the end of August to the market, and according to this last rumor, it would do with a price of about 999 euros. This is 200 euros more expensive than the Galaxy S8, and 100 euros more expensive than the Galaxy S8 +. It is not a preposterous thing since it is a renewed version, which is expected with some other important novelty.

At the moment we do not know very well the changes that will leave us this new model but should be enough to charge us 100 euros more than the big version of Galaxy S8. For a slight change in the screen and 2 GB more RAM we do not believe that the company reaches up to 1000 euros for its device, although everything is yet to see.

There are still two months to start confirming everything related to the device, so it is soon to start confirming the price. For now, we have this figure, although it is very possible that it changes as the weeks go by.

Source: VentureBeat


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