Presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already official

We have received leaks and rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We have left you with renders of all kinds, where we can see the supposed designs of the terminal. Today the thing changes of third, since the design is not the news, but the date of presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, that has been officially confirmed by the company in the press invitations. As we expected, the device will have an infinite screen, although the frames will not be as narrow as we could expect.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already official

On several occasions, the possibility of seeing a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with very thin lower and upper frames, even more than those of the Galaxy S8, has been leaked. Thanks to the image that Samsung has designed for the unpacked, we can know that this will not be so and that these frames could be bigger than in the Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

Presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already official

Yes, it’s the same date that we left a couple of days ago, but now it has been officially confirmed thanks to the press invitations that Samsung has sent. Like every year, it has left us with a simple image where it tells us that it’s unpacked will be celebrated that day, although it does not say exactly where. This has a reason and is that not all the press from around the world will be cited in New York, but for example, the Spanish is expected to go to London to a smaller and private event.

In the image that Samsung has left us, it alludes to the Galaxy Note 8 in the same way that in its day was the Galaxy S8, only added an S-Pen that reminds us a lot of the Galaxy Note 5, With spring system to remove it.

Presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already official

What has left us somewhat surprised, is the size of the lower and upper margins, since we all expected them to be smaller. If we compare them with the Galaxy S8, it seems they are even bigger, something that does not make much sense. We will have to wait until the end of August to fully see the design of this device, although we already have many tracks from the major accessories companies.

Source: Gsmarena


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