Samsung Galaxy Note 7R: New edition in extremely small quantities

A few weeks ago, Samsung officially announced a refurbished version of Galaxy Note 7. This is expected to land in retail in the coming weeks, but as expected, the number of items will be extremely low. Of the 3-4 million units that Samsung recalled, only 300,000 are sent back to sales. The model is called Samsung Galaxy Note 7R.

Samsung will bring the Galaxy Note 7 back to the market, but anyone who has the hope to buy the model in Europe will be disappointed.

The equipment of the Galaxy Note 7R is almost identical to that of the Galaxy Note 7. The new note, however, comes with a slightly smaller battery (3200 mAh) and with Android 7.0 instead of Android 6.0 on the market. Samsung will probably offer the 300,000 units only on its home market in South Korea. It is, therefore, more a decision with a symbolic character.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes in the fall

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R: New edition in extremely small quantities

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R we will, I’m sure, never to see us in Europe. Samsung will surely hold back in other countries because this should cause so much attention that could harm the Galaxy S8. Samsung wants to avoid this.

Note fans in Germany still have to wait until autumn, then comes the Galaxy Note 8, which has already confirmed Samsung. It will also be the first Galaxy Note since 2014 released Galaxy Note 4, which can be bought back in Europe. The gossiping kitchen is already boiling.

Source: Sammobile


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