Samsung Galaxy C10 with dual camera planned for middle class (Specs)

Samsung will launch a new mid-class smartphone before the Galaxy Note 8 with the Galaxy C10, in which a dual camera is to be installed. But there are other special features planned.

Galaxy C10: First Samsung smartphone with the dual camera?

Actually, we had expected Samsung to keep the introduction of a dual camera in a smartphone for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 after the Galaxy S8 abandoned this technology – although early prototypes were equipped with it. Now a middle-class smartphone is getting the precedence. The upcoming Galaxy C10 is to be equipped with a dual camera, which is arranged one at a time in the middle, and a Snapdragon 660, which has not yet been officially introduced.

Samsung Galaxy C10 with dual camera planned for middle class (Specs)

The fingerprint scanner Samsung will not block like the Galaxy S8 on the back, but continue on the front under the display. Also, the further optics should correspond to the Galaxy C9 Pro, instead of the spectacular appearance of the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy C10 could compete with the Galaxy S7, which is now available at the price of a well-equipped mid-class smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy C10 with Bixby button

Samsung wants to spread the language assistant Bixby and is thus to the Galaxy C10 likewise a hardware knob, which is installed at the side of the smartphone. It is possible that we will get Bixby buttons on all new Samsung smartphones in the future, although the language assistant in Germany can not even speak. The other functions did not really convince us in the test of the Galaxy S8. All the more important, programs make the function usable can be more important. We had recently demonstrated the example of the Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy C series has been used by Samsung for experiments and new technologies in the past. The Galaxy C9 Pro is, for example, the first Samsung smartphone with 6 GB of RAM, while the flagships get only 4 GB of RAM. Samsung has tried a new antenna design there and wants to make the smartphone series even more interesting.

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