Already today many people are interested in new technologies, and here are the big manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG are taking measures.

As is known, devices with curved edges on both sides have already ceased to be perceived by many as something outlandish and impressive.

Samsung and LG with curved edges on 4 sides displays

And now, companies like Samsung and LG are on the way to improving such displays and are already actively working towards creating screens with folded edges on all four sides.

As a result, we will be able to see the extended boundaries, and the display will go not only to the sides but also closes the top and bottom faces.

This means one thing that we will see with you really frameless devices, where the display area on the front surface is 98%.

Samsung and LG are already developing displays with curved edges on 4 sides

At the moment, both South Korean technological giant already have a number of engineering samples of such screens, but there are a number of technical problems to be solved.

So, in particular, you need to find a solution how to beat the location of the front camera, speakers and other sensors, which are traditionally located on the front side.

In addition, there are difficulties with the lamination process, the application of a special layer on the screen to protect it and at the moment its technology is not designed for matrices with curved four edges. Also, there will be difficulties with sensitivity in the corners and edges of similar displays.

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