Review Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: beautiful, useful and with seal

On many occasions, we have been able to analyze different models of watches and bracelets intelligent coming from China, because clearly, it is a genre that has evolved much during the last years. However, a well-known brand like Xiaomi seems to have been gaining a lead among the devices that achieve better balance in price and specifications, so it is no surprise that it re-bet with a new model: Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband.

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband is a smart mid-range bracelet that tries not to increase its final cost too much, although it does take the best characteristics that surround the market and complements them inside a device that can be used for multiple activities. Its main improvement focuses on the detailed measurement of the cardiac rhythm of the wearer.

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband is very small and light

As mentioned previously, Xiaomi’s first bracelet won many fans but also criticism for not including a screen in its design. This was corrected in the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 model, while it is still present with a fairly similar essence. And is that to avoid a high consumption of your battery or increase in excess of its dimensions, the OLED panel was chosen is very simple.

Review Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: beautiful, useful and with seal

Thus, Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband can be used not only to perform physical activity but also to camouflage itself as an accessory that does not look bad visually with another type of more formal clothing. The device is created completely in black and with a material of traditional silicone for this type of bracelets.

Review Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: beautiful, useful and with seal

Precisely with regard to the screen, corresponds to an OLED panel of 0.4 inches that completes the entire front face of the equipment, ie with a length over its width. It reflects data such as the hour and those that are measured in real time, either the constant heart rate or other activities that will detail below.

Upper cardiac sensor

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband focuses on heart care

Review Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: beautiful, useful and with seal

As expected, the heart rate sensor has been included just below the surface that is visible, all with the aim of making contact with the user’s wrist and thus can correctly count the pulsations. That yes, not only is summed up to a simple number.

In order to protect the user’s health and even prevent cardiovascular accidents, Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband shows a pulse count per minute and notifies you of possible heart attacks when it detects too high a number.

Review Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: beautiful, useful and with seal

Also, thanks to the synchronization with a mobile app can also give some tips to the user to lead a healthier life, from food to physical exercises to consider. It also accumulates those abnormal statistics with the objective that the general practitioner has data from which to base when performing diagnoses.

To complete as long as the user rests also the bracelet keeps performing heart measurements with the changes in the analyzes that must be taken into account, and even, can give a total score (from 0 to 100) on how healthy the person is in Basis of the different data recorded.

Other sensors and more details

Review Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: beautiful, useful and with seal

Xiaomi AMAZFIT does not forget traditional sensors

If you want to perform physical activities or simply determine how much one is moving throughout the day, Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband does not forget to add a pedometer that serves as the basis for different measurements, logically starting from the steps performed or meters traveled.

On the other hand, at the time of sleep different types of data are analyzed, from the simplest as a number of hours rested in all the night, but also arriving at a division by deep sleep, light sleep and amount of minutes that one was awake. On the basis of all this gives a total score of the quality of sleep.

Review Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: beautiful, useful and with seal

Do not forget that this model supports contact with water and dust thanks to its IP67 certification, so if it lasts to rain at any time you do not have to worry about getting damaged, while its battery of 95 mAh promises Reach a range of up to seven days of use (magnetic charge).

In order to finish with the features, the Xiaomi App Amazfit is the fundamental basis to carry out a statistical and detailed control of the previously mentioned. It is available for free for both Android and iOS phones, while also allowing you to synchronize more than one bracelet on the same phone, so you can know the healthy situation of the whole family.

Availability and price of Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband

Review Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband: beautiful, useful and with seal

To purchase the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband it is possible to find it in the store in a pre-sale period with the initial shipment of units starting on May 30. In addition to being offered at an offer price, using the AMFSIG coupon at the time of purchase it is possible to further reduce its cost to an unsurpassed 91.74 euros.

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