Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

When I was proposed to review the Ulefone T1: go look, an ultra-cheap Chinese mobile with an impressive look. A striking metallic design, a generous battery, dual camera and updated to the latest version of Android. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, as I will comment throughout this review, the Ulefone T1 makes good the saying of is not gold everything that shines.

Ulefone is a relatively new manufacturer that is taking leaps and bounds to earn its niche in this very competitive sector. Its catalog grows rapidly and we have gone from specialized phones like the Power 2 and or Armor and its ultra resistents shell to this more balanced Ulefone T1, suitable for all the public and with the desire to become a complete mobile of mid-range Premium affordable.

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Ulefone T1: Specifications

Display:5.5-inch display with Full HD resolution, 401 PPI, Corning Gorilla 3 protection;
CPU:64-bit eight-core Helio P25 processor from MediaTek, operating at a frequency of 2.6 GHz;
GPU:Graphics processor Mali-T880;
ROM:64 GB drive, with expandable memory card up to 256 GB;
Main camera:16 MP + 5 MP dual main camera (sensor S5K3P3), aperture ƒ / 2.0, two-tone flash (4 LEDs);
Front camera:8 MP (interpolation up to 13 Mp) front camera, diaphragm ƒ / 2.0, LED flash;
SIMs:2 SIM cards Nano SIM, support 11 4G bands FDD-LTE (B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B12 / B17 / B19 / B20), 4 bands of TDD-LTE (B38 / B39 / B40 / B41) and LTE CAT6;
Features:Front fingerprint scanner;
Sound:Independent FS1601U processor for Hi-Fi sound;
Gyro:6-axis gyro;
USB:USB Type-C port;
Connectivity:Bluetooth 4.1, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n, GPS / GLONASS;
Battery:3680 mAh (up to 450 hours in standby mode) with support for fast charging PE + 2.0 (full charge for 80 minutes);
OS:Android 7.0.

Ulefone T1: Design

In hand, the Ulefone T1 feels compact and not slippery. Also, something thick since we have a body metal unibody that if we add the battery is normal that we have those figures. The edges are rounded and the design, in general, is quite classic, we do not have any element that allows us to recognize at a distance that that mobile is the Ulefone, but of course, the manufacturer has not sought to create identifying signs.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

When comparing with the other devices we can see that the Ulefone is quite heavy even though it adds enough battery. It is also one of the thickest terminals and although the Redmi Note 4X is even, the latter drops significantly in weight.

The fingerprint reader is located on the front, a position that can be liked more or less. We must say that after testing the latest fingerprint sensors, the reliability and speed of the Ulefone reader are not the best. The sensor also acts as a home button. To the sides, one would think that we have physical buttons but it is the simple empty frame. The keypad is integrated into the screen, although luckily by the software we are allowed to hide it.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

The back has the Ulefone logo in the center, with very striking assembly marks down. The oleophobic layer works well, but in general, it usually attracts enough dust. Above we have the antenna strip with the microphone, the LED flash and a double camera that protrudes slightly. On the right side, we find the volume buttons and the on / off buttons. They are in a good location but for my taste, the touch is not the most suitable, since the buttons are a little unstable and creak slightly when pressed. The left side is reserved only for the nano SIM and microSD tray.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

Above we have the 3.5mm jack while down the speakers and USB Type C. The sound of the Ulefone T1 is powerful and well defined. On the front side we also have the front camera, the LED flash, another speaker and LED notification that we can configure as we like from the settings menu.

In general, the design of the Ulefone T1 is good. It is built with good materials, but at some points, we miss some more experience so that the final sensation is more solid.

Ulefone T1: Display

The Ulefone T1 of the screen has 5.5 inches, FullHD resolution, protected with 2.5D glass and Gorilla Glass 3 and occupies almost 80% of the front of the mobile. What is it like on a daily basis? Well, I must say that correct. The colors are not the most vivid but the brightness is good and we will not have many problems to see the screen outdoors, which is appreciated since many fail in this aspect.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

I must say that the automatic brightness is not your strong point and I found myself adjusting it manually most of the time. On the other hand, Ulefone incorporates two imaging technologies to improve video flow, ClearMotion, and enhance visual effects, MiraVision.

We also have an eye protection mode, which consists mainly of applying blue filters, red or darken the brightness to the maximum for the night. The screen allows you to hide the keypad so it will give a greater sensation of size. And the last detail of the software to improve the screen is that it incorporates the double touch to wake up, an option that I have always been a fan.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

Ulefone bets on a FullHD screen with vivid colors and good viewing angles. A good experience except for the automatic brightness that is not always the most suitable.

The Ulefone T1 enters through the eyes. It will not surprise anyone, but in this section, we are satisfied with what they promised us. FullHD panels have already reached maturity and benefit from these manufacturers who can offer good quality although the terminal is much more affordable.

Ulefone T1: Hardware and Performance

When you buy an ultra-cheap Chinese mobile you usually do it for your specifications. Of course, few manufacturers offer an Helio P25, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and 3680mAh of battery for about two hundred euros. Let’s look at it closely, because all these numbers do not correspond with the actual experience of the Ulefone T1.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

The processor incorporates two ARM® Cortex®-A53™ 2.6GHz x4 for games, we add four cores ARM Cortex-A53 to 2.0GHz for social networks and surf the internet and finally another four ARM® Cortex®-A53™1.6GHz x4  to make calls Or chat for WhatsApp. With this, we gain maximum power for games and some cores that consume less when we perform more affordable tasks. All this is in theory.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

The combination of a powerful processor and 6GB of RAM make the mobile go fluid. Yes, we have an Android with almost no additions but we still notice that the Ulefone slows slightly when we open a lot of applications. In games, it works very well and we have enough power for almost all of them.

If you look at the benchmarks the Ulefone T1 gets a very good numbers, but what they do not tell us is that it heats up a lot. In these days of summer, it seemed to me even annoying to take it of what it burned.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

Another annoying detail of the Ulefone T1 is that it takes the time to get the coverage. We have full LTE 4G, but at the time of leaving the subway, it takes a few seconds more than is usual in other smartphones. Nothing problematic but when you’re hooked on the internet and want to connect as soon as possible, those seconds are an eternity.

Ulefone T1: Software

Several years ago I tried another Ulefone and the personalization layer seemed horrendous to me. To my surprise, they have maintained it until relatively recently but fortunately, the Ulefone T1 comes with Android 7.0 pretty clean Nougat and with a very Android and colorful appearance.

Below this layer of personalization, we have many adjustments that give us enough game to take advantage of the mobile to the maximum. We can control the LED notifications and associate any color to the various messages, very useful. We also have at our disposal a huge number of gestures: from double touch to wake up or turn off the screen, open applications and activate multitasking. Ulefone seems to like control gestures a lot and adds almost every imaginable, even with screen off. And in addition, we will find the way to a hand.

Ulefone T1: Cameras

We reached the section of the camera. Here Ulefone incorporates a double sensor of 16 megapixels, one RGB, and another monochrome. Both are manufactured by Samsung, are the S5K3P3.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

We have an aperture off / 2.0 and a native camera application with HDR mode, manual control, live photos, bokeh effect thanks to double camera and beauty mode. The results of the camera are quite good and take little to focus, which is always a plus. The images may be little colored for my taste and the HDR lacks the strength to offer more vivid tones, but the level of detail is appropriate and the dynamic range wide enough.

Thanks to the double camera the Ulefone T1 has a bokeh mode to create those effects of focus in an object and blur in the rest of the image. The results are very striking and the camera application itself allows us to adjust the aperture: from f11 to f0.8, which basically consists of choosing the size that the focused object will occupy. It soon changes the blur and the surfaces are usually well defined.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

At night the Ulefone T1 has more problems. Here a brief movement will make a lot of noise and it costs much more to capture the dark and clear areas at the same time. Still, I tried it on the night of San Juan with firecrackers, fountains, and fire and I got some photos where you can appreciate the different tones. The level of detail when enlarging suffers but still offers an acceptable level. To improve these scenes we have the Super Night mode to give more light to the scenes.

Ulefone T1: Battery

The Ulefone T1 comes with a MediaTek Pump Express Plus 2.0 3680mAh battery and a 9V and 2A red cable charger capable of charging the device in an hour and a half. The fast charge works quite well although again it overheats. In the first half hour, we will reach 35%.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

How is it possible that at 3680mAh it will last so little? I’m still looking for an explanation …

However, the autonomy has been a disappointment that I did not expect. It does not seem normal to me that with that amount to the mobile it costs to arrive at end of the day. The hours of the screen on are below 4 hours and in general there is no day that manages to achieve results that are not even similar to what mobile phones with much less battery give me. For example a detail: I have long gone without external battery or charger, but these weeks with the Ulefone T1I have missed.

Ulefone T1: Conclusions and Reviews

The Ulefone T1 is a device with very good features for its price. But the experience has already told me more than once that the numbers are not everything and with this device, I have corroborated it again. We are facing a mobile that promises excellent performance and battery but precisely on these points is where we have more margin.

Review Ulefone T1: New ultra-cheap Chinese phones 2017

Fortunately, there are certain elements that by their inherent quality do give us very good sensations. The screen is up to date and the camera has nothing to do with the Chinese mobile phones of other years.

There are aspects to improve but Ulefone continues to grow based on trying. The Ulefone T1 is a balanced device. Come on, a cell phone that would not bother using it on a day-to-day basis since it complies in almost every section. A pity for such a strange autonomy and such annoying software bugs that tarnish my opinion on this Ulefone.

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5.5 inch with 1920 x 1080 Pixels, RAM: 6GB, ROM: 64GB, Battery: 3680mAh, Android 7.0, Helio P25 Octa Core 2.6GHz”]

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