Review Teclast X3 Plus: new Tablet Specifications and Features

The Teclast X3 Plus is a still quite new Tablet from Teclast, which offers a similar design as the Teclast Tbook 16 Power. The case also consists almost entirely of metal and a kickstand allows the tablet to be placed comfortably. The Teclast X3 Plus can also be used as a laptop replacement with an optional type cover.

The highlight of the tablet is the equipment. Inside is an Intel Celeron N3450 processor, which is significantly more powerful than the chips of the Atom platform. Together with 6GB RAM, the processor can really unfold in the tablet. Another highlight is stereo speakers on the front of the tablet.

We will test the Teclast X3 Plus now a week in the everyday life and then give you a detailed test report. At this point, there are now our first impressions after a day of use.

Teclast X3 Plus: Specifications

Display:11.6" Full HD IPS LCD display, 10 point touch, support for active stylus (no Wacom)
Processor:Intel Celeron N3450 (4x x86_64 @ 1.1 - 2.2GHz), Intel HD Graphics 500
RAM:6GB DDR3L RAM (1600MHz, Dual Channel)
Memory:64GB SanDisk eMMC 5.1
Front Camera:2MP
Main Camera:5MP
Micro SD:Yes
SIM Slot:No
Frequencies:WLAN 802.11b / g / n
Battery:6800mAh (7.6V)
Operating System:Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Dimensions / weight (manufacturer's details):29,50 x 18,30 x 1,00cm / 871g

The Teclast X3 Plus is delivered in a white cardboard box, which is typical for Teclast. The tablet is well protected in a plastic bag. There is a protective film on the display. The back of the tablet is also protected by a foil.

Review Teclast X3 Plus: new Tablet Specifications and Features

The Teclast X3 Plus is accompanied by a brief guide and a warranty card. In addition, there is a small sticker which certifies the final inspection. A power supply with German plug is also included. This provides 12V and 2A.

Review Teclast X3 Plus: new Tablet Specifications and Features

The Teclast X3 Plus China Tablet surprises with an extremely high-quality appearance. The metal housing is very solid. The metal feels rough and seems to be quite thick. It can not be pushed in at any point or bend with little force. The kickstand snaps into two positions and makes a solid impression. Compared to the Tbook 16 Power, the mechanics have been refined and the stand has become more stable. Thus, the tablet overall makes an even more valuable impression.

Teclast X3 Plus: Desing and Display

The 11.6″ Full HD display comes in a 16: 9 format, but it’s great for watching movies, but working to a 3: 2 format is more enjoyable and the quality of the panel is good The Teclast X3 Plus is the best solution for the Teclast X3 Plus, but it is also the best choice for the Teclast X3 Plus, because it is not a laminated panel between the front glass and the actual display There is a fairly thick gap.

Review Teclast X3 Plus: new Tablet Specifications and Features

The 10-dot touch screen settles in the midfield. It responds promptly to input. The resolution is quite high, so there is no stutter when slow scrolling. The accuracy is therefore quite high. There are problems, however, if you write very quickly on the on-screen keyboard. Here, letters are entered from time to time which is entered by pressing a key for a long time.

Review Teclast X3 Plus: new Tablet Specifications and Features

The digitizer obviously has problems with rapidly successive and close-fitting inputs from a long tough to distinguish. What we also noticed is GhostTouches when using the included power supply. Apparently, there was no adequate interference suppression. Here you should get an alternative power supply.

Teclast X3 Plus: Hardware and Performance

The performance of the Teclast X3 Plus has been very positive. The Intel Celeron N3450 feels with the Full HD resolution and ensures a very liquid usage experience. Google Chrome also runs smoothly on most pages and is very usable. The 6GB RAM also ensure that there are no performance losses when using multiple apps at the same time. The RAM runs at 1600MHz in Dual Channel mode. Heat does not seem to exist. Under full load, we have not measured temperatures above 70°C. The heat is well dissipated and evenly distributed on the back of the Teclast X3 Plus.

Review Teclast X3 Plus: new Tablet Specifications and Features

We were also surprised by the loudspeakers. The stereo speakers are located to the left and right of the front panel display. Thus, a real stereo sound is made, which here comes to a wonderful effect. The loudspeakers also offer a really good volume and a very intense bass reproduction. We recommend using the Equalizer Preset «Bass» in the Realtek HD Audio Manager and then activating “Virtual Surround Sound”. This way you get the best sound. Overall, the Teclast X3 Plus hits the Chuwi Hi13 with its four speakers around lengths – and the Hi13 sounded not bad. The only thing you can complain about the Teclast X3 Plus is a slight noise which makes the loudspeakers constant when nothing is played. The noise is very quiet and does not really disturb.

Review Teclast X3 Plus: new Tablet Specifications and Features

Disappointed the Teclast X3 Plus so far what concerns the WLAN connection. You offer again only b / g / n-WLAN. And as if that was not yet disappointing enough, the WLAN module is still quite lame. More than 20Mbit / s can not be achieved. For streaming 4k contents without sufficient buffer, flow is enough. Nevertheless, the antenna seems to be very good. A floor under the router there was hardly a speed slump.

The 64GB eMMC 5.1 memory is admittedly not exactly lush. After all, the Teclast X3 Plus uses SanDisk’s flagstone. This achieves a decent speed and is faster than a hard drive. The USB Type A connector on the right side of the tablet operates according to USB 3.0 standard and provides enough power to drive external hard disks.

Teclast X3 Plus: Battery

Review Teclast X3 Plus: new Tablet Specifications and Features

The battery life of the Teclast X3 Plus seems to settle according to our first findings in the midfield. In day-to-day operation, depending on the brightness of the display and the load, 3 to 6 hours of operation may be possible. Charging the battery takes about 2 hours.

Teclast X3 Plus: Conclusions

It was then so far to our first impressions of the Teclast X3 Plus. For 280 € makes the tablet so far a really good figure. The front speakers have surprised us most with their rich sound. So we can already say that the Teclast X3 Plus is recommended for everyone who likes to watch movies on the tablet. The complete review report follows in about a week at this point.

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