Review Sharkoon Sharkzone M52: RGB LED lighting mouse 2017

We continue our collaboration with Sharkoon and today we bring you the review of an interesting mouse for video games with a high precision laser sensor, the new Sharkoon Sharkzone M52 that is built with an advanced AVAGO 9800 sensor with a maximum of 8200 CPI and a complete system of RGB LED lighting on its bottom to give it a different touch on our desk.

Firstly, we thank Sharkoon for his confidence in giving us the Sharkzone M52 for review.

Unboxing and Design
Review Sharkoon Sharkzone M52: RGB LED lighting mouse 2017

Sharkoon Sharkzone M52 comes with a cardboard box with the predominance of black color and details in yellow. It is a very simple box, in which only a small image of the mouse is seen on one of the sides, but in turn, offers a large window so we can see it before buying it. On the flap is that there is a great image of the product in which it points out its main features like its symmetrical design, 8200 CPI laser sensor, included memory and management software. In the back of the box are detailed all its features in several languages, including Cervantes.

The bundle consists of:

  • Mouse Sharkoon Sharkzone M52.
  • Cloth bag.
  • Spare surfers.
  • Mini-CD with software.
  • Pendant for the door.

Finally, we see a close-up of the mouse, as we can see it is built with very good quality black plastic and a braided cable with the black and yellow finish, the braid comes great to give it more resistance and also gives it a more attractive touch. At the end of the cable is its gold plated USB 2.0 connector to improve contact and prevent corrosion.

Review Sharkoon Sharkzone M52: RGB LED lighting mouse 2017

The design of the mouse is quite simple and attractive, a success because it will please all types of users. It reaches dimensions of 124.5 x 66.5 x 38.7 mm and a light weight of 97 grams without the cable, being a lightweight mouse will be very agile in the fast movements so we will come very well for games with a lot of action like FPS. At the top, we find a button that is programmed to change the DPI but with the software, we can assign any function. We also see the wheel that this time has a rubber finish to improve the grip on our finger and make it more comfortable. The Sharkoon Sharkzone M52 is based on an ambidextrous design that will adapt very well to the hands of all users both right-handed and left-handed although it is more thought for the right-handers.

We continue to the top in which we find logically the two main buttons, this time has the acclaimed Japanese OMRON mechanisms that are characterized by its tremendous quality and ensure at least 10 million pulsations to offer the user a great durability. The touch of the buttons is something hard so we will avoid accidental pulsations, they are noisier than we are accustomed to seeing, especially the right, at least in this unit.

Review Sharkoon Sharkzone M52: RGB LED lighting mouse 2017

On the left side we find two programmable buttons that will serve us for all kinds of tasks but perhaps its most typical function for most users will be to move back and forth in web browsing in a very comfortable way. Their touch is pleasant and they are quite hard so they give us a feeling of good quality and they will not break in a short time. On the other hand, the left side is completely free.

At the back, we have the logo of the brand that is part of the lighting system and whose function is to indicate the DPI mode we have selected. This illumination is not customizable even if it changes color with each DPI mode.

Review Sharkoon Sharkzone M52: RGB LED lighting mouse 2017

In the lower part, we find the laser sensor AVAGO 9800 that we mentioned before and its Teflon surfers of great quality for a very precise displacement. This sensor has a maximum resolution of 8,200 CPI, an acceleration of 30G and 150 IPS. The lower zone has been chosen by the manufacturer to place a ring that forms the RGB LED lighting system of this mouse.

Management software

As a good gaming mouse, the Sharkoon Sharkzone M52 has a complete management software that we can download directly from the manufacturer’s official website. The mouse can be used without the application but as always it is highly recommended its installation to be able to get the full potential. Once downloaded its installation does not entail any secrets. The application is accessible from the Windows taskbar once we open it.

Review Sharkoon Sharkzone M52: RGB LED lighting mouse 2017

We open the application and we see that it offers us the possibility to restore the default values and save profiles or load them so that we can have them always at hand. The software is divided into four large sections dedicated to the configuration of the buttons, the sensor, the lighting and the macro manager.

First, we have the configuration section of the 8 programmable buttons of the Sharkoon Sharkzone M52 In this section, we have great possibilities of customization for our mouse since we can configure all the different functions of a mouse in addition to many others such as multimedia functions, macros and much more.

Review Sharkoon Sharkzone M52: RGB LED lighting mouse 2017

The following section corresponds to the mouse sensor and allows us to adjust the four levels of PPP of the mouse to our taste, the adjustments go from 100 to 8200 PPP and always in ranges of 100 in 100. Also, we can manage the sensitivity of the axes X and Y independently, adjust the polling rate and acceleration As we see is a very configurable mouse so it will be easy to leave it to our liking.

Review Sharkoon Sharkzone M52: RGB LED lighting mouse 2017

We go to the section dedicated to the lighting of the mouse, we can select the color of the ring of light as well as the intensity and speed of the pulsating effect, of course, we can turn it off if we want.

Finally, we have the macro manager.

Final words and conclusion about Sharkoon Sharkzone M52

The Sharkoon Sharkzone M52 is a gaming mouse that strives for a simple yet elegant design to suit the taste of all users. Its design is quite ergonomic and lightweight which gives us great agility when making very fast scrolling in games with lots of action.

Review Sharkoon Sharkzone M52: RGB LED lighting mouse 2017

Its AVAGO 9800 laser sensor adapts very well to all surfaces and offers a very precise but slightly lower performance than mice based on optical technology. This sensor is very configurable by the software so we can adjust it perfectly to our needs and preferences. The application allows us to have several profiles so we will always have the mouse ready to work or play. Something that we miss is the ability to have the profiles load when opening a specific application.

The Sharkoon Sharkzone M52 is on sale for an approximate price of 45 euros.

Source: Sharkoon


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