Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

If you thought that you had seen everything in the world of smartphones, it is possible that this model will surprise you. This is the Oukitel K10000 MAX, a little-known brand that brings us a unique terminal.

It is a smartphone whose most outstanding feature is a huge battery of 10000mAh, a figure that not even many tablets more than 10 inches reach. This feature is accompanied by considerable size and weight, along with hardware that does not promise great sensations on paper.

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They have had to resort to a screen of 5.5 inches and has a main camera of 13 megapixels. We will check in this analysis of the Oukitel K10000 MAX if the excellent autonomy we assume will have this terminal will be enough to be a great option within the mid-range.

Oukitel K10000 MAX: Design as brutal as its battery

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

Although it is not a phone that in both length and width is even smaller than an iPhone 6S Plus, with 158 by 76.60 millimeters, it is undoubtedly its great thickness of 14.35 mm what makes it Seem like a terminal of a more than considerable size. These dimensions that we quote are real and verified since the specifications published in other websites can lead to confusion.

The same thing happens with the weight of the K10000 MAX, which if in many places appears with an official weight of 180 grams, we have verified that it is clearly superior, and rises to 310 grams, being too heavy for a smartphone.

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

The design of the Oukitel K10000 MAX is practically the one of an armored phone, that counts on thick edges in aluminum with an angular design that gives a good aspect, although we must say that the whole frame is made of metal, and the projections of The top and bottom are made of plastic painted the same color as the edge, although its finish and appearance are good.

Inside this top, we find the entrance of the telephone speaker in a chromed plastic with a grid and the front camera next to the proximity sensor.

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

Viewing the front, in addition to the above, we can appreciate the 5.5″ screen next to the menu buttons, start and back. This glass uses 2.5D technology, where we appreciate a slightly curved and smoothed edge that improves its image but not so its resistance to footprints, which is situated in the category average.

We have the classic micro USB jack on the bottom of the terminal, located right in the middle of the dual output speaker. The left side we find the slot to accommodate up to two micro SIM cards, being able to replace the second one with a micro SD card up to 32 GB. Above we have the audio jack.

The rear area is made up of two different materials, a gummy plastic finish that surrounds the main camera along with the double led flash. We also have a finished part in brushed aluminum with the Oukitel logo in a considerable size.

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

On the right side are the power and volume control buttons, with large keys, well finished and with a very solid feel. We should also mention that on the sides you can see two pieces simulating rivets that continue with the line of robust design offered by this terminal.

We must make it clear that despite the appearance of the phone, this phone does not offer any features or special protection to protect against falls.

Oukitel K10000 MAX: Display

It is a large Oukitel terminal. And in this case, the screen of the Oukitel K10000 MAX reaches a size of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. With a density of 428 pixels per inch, maybe it’s a fair resolution for today with this size, but as we’ll see later, it was an almost obligatory decision.

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

However, there are no complaints regarding the very quality of the screen in terms of color representation, brightness, and contrast. We have an IPS panel that offers good values according to our Oukitel K10000 laboratory test.

In addition to offering good image quality, there are no signs of bleeding by the edges, something that usually appears in some terminals of Chinese manufacturers, and in this case, shines by its absence.

Oukitel K10000 MAX: Hardware and Performance

In the section of the screen, we tell you that FHD resolution was almost forced. The why is given by the included processor. It is a MediaTek MT6750T 4-core with a frequency of 1 GHz. This processor is fairly fair and is intended more to the access range than the midrange, so as not to compromise the performance of the Oukitel K10000 MAX has resorted to a fair resolution.

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

What if it is to be grateful is that they include 3 GB of RAM, something, in the end, essential to have a good experience of use as we have verified in this review of K10000. And we say it because this is filled with great ease, which should force us to release the RAM from time to time if we do not want to compromise an almost surprising fluidity considering the processor that accompanies.

However, Benchmarks and experience in some very demanding games return us to the ground, and they show us a limited terminal, where it shows overheating of the CPU with the most demanding games, although we will have no problems if the games and applications that we usually use They do not need a big processor. What I recommend is to free RAM before running them.

Oukitel K10000 MAX: Connectivity

Here we have a mid-range smartphone that has a complete connectivity, with Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI, 4G connectivity and the proprietary MediaTek system for wireless data transfer Hotknot.

Hotknot aims to be the NFC’s competition, and unlike this, the transfer of information does not occur through the back of the terminal, but through the screen, transferring files or links quickly and easily. There are no complaints as to its operation, but its little-extended use will make it nothing more than a curiosity.

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

In this review of the Oukitel K10000 MAX, we have verified that the quality of the calls offers a sound, although a little low, so that in conditions with high ambient noise will be difficult to maintain a smooth conversation. In the hands-free mode, we do have more power from the main speaker, but the sound pickup is somewhat limited.

The GPS positioning offers on certain occasions an inaccurate location, and with low satellites, so to use the smartphone as a navigator can be complicated at specific times, especially in areas with multiple lanes and parallel roads, where you can lose by A few instants the direction of the route.

Oukitel K10000 MAX: OS

The software of the Oukitel K10000 bets on Android 7.0 with a layer of personalization of its own and a management system similar to iOS, where at first we did not find the menu where the applications are, but everything is presented in the differently configured desks.

Something that has not convinced me is the personalization of the icons. All of them, no matter what the application, come with angled edges and a silver interior next to the application icon itself. This makes it harder to recognize the application we are looking at, and forces us to put more attention than we normally need to find it. The alternative theme that includes the terminal does not help too much.

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

As mentioned above, in the beginning, there is no menu of applications, but in fact, it is included, only it is hidden. Dragging your finger from one of the lower corners inwards, as if we were passing a page of paper, we are shown a menu where we can choose between 3 different pages, recent, which is the default by the first time you use this shortcut, Toolbox, with some shortcuts to some quick settings, and favorites, which shows us the applications we use most. To exit this shortcut, there is no more to perform the reverse gesture than to perform it to open it.

Although some feature of this customization may be interesting, the truth is that it is not a particularly intuitive system, so in this case, I would recommend the use of some other launcher, such as the Nova launcher, with which we will get a quite experience More satisfactory.

Finally, we are grateful that there are virtually no pre-installed applications, not even Google, so we will have the virtually complete freedom to configure the system to our liking. The preinstalled applications are only Clean Master, which allows us to free up both RAM and storage and also if we mind we can uninstall it. The other integrated application is the Opera mini browser, which can not be uninstalled, but that does not bother and is also a good browser.

Oukitel K10000 MAX: Cameras

One of the worst aspects of this terminal is the quality of the photographs. And is that the camera of the Oukitel K10000 MAX gives the impression of being a mid-range terminal a couple of years ago, despite the 13 megapixels of its sensor, and has an image that presents noise and a very poor, Too blurring the images.

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

To this is added a very slow approach and an image processing that demonstrates the limited capacity of the processor, something that is accentuated when we make captures with the activated HDR, where we require of all our concentration and pulse to obtain a worthy capture. In the nocturnal catches, all the above-mentioned problems increase, and the results suggest us to avoid this type of scenarios.

Although it has little influence on image quality, the camera application does allow us to modify various parameters of the captures, such as HDR, exposure, white balance or scene mode among others. What is not very well understood is that all adjustment parameters are in one submenu, and the ISO is a different one.

This camera also allows different modes such as pan, multi angle view, or motion tracking, although there are more available in addition to standard mode. The 5-megapixel front camera only allows the beauty mode, but even with this, you will not get a clear capture. At the video level, the main camera is capable of recording sequences with maximum Full HD resolution.

Oukitel K10000 MAX: Battery

If there is something that shines about everything else is the battery of the Oukitel K10000 MAX. We can say that the engineers who designed this terminal had it difficult to achieve such a challenge but finally have managed to put a battery of 10000mAh in a smartphone. A capacity that very few tablets surpass and those that do it are more than 10 inches, with the possibility to distribute it over a greater surface.

To this also has to add a screen that although large has a little resolution for its size, and a processor little powerful, but also low consumption. However, the results have been what we expected: a smartphone with which you can stay for a week without loading, and without cutting you practically anything to use it.

We have been watching videos on YouTube, playing various games, installing and uninstalling applications, using social networks on a constant basis, and yet we have obtained an honorary degree of autonomy. But you could not expect anything else. Here reaching the red zone will not be something we fear, since we can reach the end of the day without too many commitments.

After some time of testing, our opinion of the Oukitel K10000 MAX is that they have not walked halfway. They had a clear objective, to design the mobile with the biggest battery of the world, and they have obtained it.

Review Oukitel K10000 MAX: Brutal Design and Battery 2017

Although to achieve this they have had to make a very heavy and bulky design, with a thickness that we had never seen in a smartphone, although fortunately, the materials with which the terminal is made are of good quality.

Its processor and the resolution of a screen that defends itself of remarkable way manage to solve the ballot of the performance that did not promise according to the specifications, but that it complies with what we can expect of an average range. Although there are things that should improve, such as GPS accuracy, or a layer of customization that I recommend modifying using some other launcher.

The camera is also another element that does not perform to the level it should. An excessive noise and a clear lack of focus do not allow a good experience under any circumstances, and only if you are not demanding, you will get catches that meet to have a memory, but not recreate too.

Oukitel K10000 MAX: Conclusions

What we can conclude is that this device has transcended from the concept of “smartphone with good battery” to be called “a great battery with a smartphone.” The price of the Oukitel K10000 MAX is quite reasonable, being available at a price of $179.99 on GearBest, which leaves in a good position for people whose main requirement is autonomy.

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