Review Ora Prisma Phone 2: smartwatch specs and features

The Ora Prisma Phone 2 is the second version of the ORA smartwatch, which can operate independently and offers many features for it. Today we want to review the characteristics of this interesting economic smartwatch that sells for less than 50 Euros.

If you are a follower of this type of entry smartwatches, it is very likely that you are interested in knowing the Hamswan Smartwatch, another low-cost product that maintains a good design, as well as having fair benefits, but is sufficient for the price range in Found.

Design, construction, and display

The Ora Prisma Phone 2 is a smartwatch that because of the low price it has in the market, pretends to be a cheap alternative for those people who want to have a smart watch with mobile functions. In the aspect of design, it does not stand out above others available in the market with similar price, where we see as most of these possess an appearance inspired by the Apple watch.

Review Ora Prisma Phone 2: smartwatch specs and features

In order to be used as well as a mobile, it includes features such as a 0.3 MP camera and slots for both SIM and micro SD cards. As for the size of the screen, the Ora Prisma Phone 2 has a 1.54-inch display panel, with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels.

Functions and connectivity of Ora Prisma 2

Your device can sync with any compatible smartphone or tablet using the ORA Connect app (available from the Play Store). Thanks to this you can be able to access the functions offered by the smartwatch, such as hands-free and the possibility of receiving notifications of your mobile in the smart clock. It will also be possible to read SMS and use remote functions (activate the camera, anti-theft, play music tracks, etc.).

Review Ora Prisma Phone 2: smartwatch specs and features

Another advantage of the Ora Prisma Phone 2 is its ability to be used independently, as if it were a smartphone, for it includes a SIM card slot, although the connectivity is only 2G.

For its part, the performance of the Ora Prisma Phone 2 is in line with the price of the smartwatch, as it has a processor MediaTek MTK6260A and 128 MB RAM, just to meet the functions it offers. On the other hand, the battery is 320 mAh, and its autonomy will depend on whether the smartwatch is used as a smartphone itself or instead used synchronized with a mobile, in any case, the battery will not last more than two days.

Availability and price of Ora Prisma Phone 2

Review Ora Prisma Phone 2: smartwatch specs and features

If you are interested in buying the Ora Prisma 2, you can do it from the Amazon page. It is also available on the PC Components page, for a price of 49.95 Euros. Another option is to get it from the Media Markt page, for a very similar price.

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