Review Nubia N1: Smartphone with battery 5000mAh (Specs, Price, Buy)

Nubia returns to Awaqa with a low-end terminal but maintaining the usual appeal of the brand’s devices. But do not be fooled by the range to which the phone belongs as it has 2 13 MP cameras, Helio P10 8-core processor and a RAM of 3 GB. If it still does not convince you, what do you think if I tell you that includes an impressive battery of 5.000mAh? And that is a preview of all the features of Nubia N1 in our review.

Nubia N1: Design and materials

Nubia is still betting on an attractive design for a consumer with a certain taste. However, the design is nothing revolutionary since they sound to other phones of brands like Xiaomi, but with clear signs of quality and good finishes. Nubia N1 is an elegant smartphone, with a unibody aluminum body and available in various colors, to suit everyone. Nubia gave us a unit in black with touches of gold that fascinated us. It has dimensions of 75 x 150.9 x 8.9 mm and a weight of 190 grams. Some measures and weight perhaps higher than usual but for a good monkey, an impressive battery of 5.000 mAh.

Review Nubia N1: Smartphone with battery 5000mAh (Specs, Price, Buy)

On the front, we have a suggestive 5.5-inch screen with Full HD resolution and Gorilla Glass protection. At the top edge are the proximity sensors and illumination, earphone and a front camera with a surprising 13 MP sensor. Imagine how your selfies will be from now on! On the lower side are the backlit capacitive buttons and the center ring which also functions as LED notification.

Review Nubia N1: Smartphone with battery 5000mAh (Specs, Price, Buy)

On the right side of the Nubia N1 are the volume control and screen unlock buttons. On the top, an auxiliary microphone and the essential 3.5 mm jack for headphones. On the left side the tray to place two SIM or SIM + microSD cards to extend the storage. Finally, the audio output and the USB Type-C connector with OTG support for storage units. Listen to music from a USB flash drive with a simple adapter.

Review Nubia N1: Smartphone with battery 5000mAh (Specs, Price, Buy)

Nubia N1 is a well-built device with a nice touch. A sample of this is its rear with two plastic areas for reception of the mobile signal and aluminum foil. These parts are in turn joined by a metallic strip which in our case was gold. The camera also has a personalization in red color that collides a bit with the combination of black and gold. Here we have a 13 MP sensor with a LED flash. Finally, Nubia N1 could not be left without an easy-to-read fingerprint sensor and with some extra functions that we will see later.

Nubia N1: Display

A section that would leave the review as Nubia usually assemble good screens on their devices. Nubia N1 is no exception with an IPS panel of Full HD resolution and a diagonal of 5.5 inches.

Therefore, both viewing angles and other values such as brightness or color rendering are one step above other competitors in the range. Sharpness is also another advantage of having a pixel density of 401 dpi.

Review Nubia N1: Smartphone with battery 5000mAh (Specs, Price, Buy)

Nubia N1 also has a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection laminate with 2.5D curved finishes, achieving very soft curves to the touch.

The dimensions of the screen ensure incredible entertainment sessions with multimedia content or video games. In addition, it also has a multicenter mode that allows you to run two applications on split screen.

Nubia N1: Hardware and Performance

Nubia N1 is not particularly surprised by its hardware. Without being a bad processor, the MediaTek Helio P10 already sounds to times past. This 8-core processor at a maximum frequency of 1.8 GHz was one of the main bits of most Asian manufacturers and seen in countless devices. It is accompanied by a Mali-T860 GPU and a juicy 3 GB of RAM. Apparently, Nubia N1 is not quite well adapted to the MediaTek SoC and we have detected some abrupt closure of apps. We do not know if it is something of the unit facilitated by the brand, but our job is to report everything that happens with the phone. We continue with 32GB of expandable storage memory with 128GB microSD.

Review Nubia N1: Smartphone with battery 5000mAh (Specs, Price, Buy)

The Nubia layer, Nubia UI 4.0, is present on the smartphone based on Android 6.0. As in the Nubia Z11 that we have already analyzed, personalization carries some extra functions to get more out of the terminal. As is the case with Split Screen, fingerprint sensor with content protected access, gesture control with screen frame, large image capture or video clip recording. The performance is good in most cases, except for the punctual incidents we noted earlier. With video games, we have not had any problems with titles of average quality, although it is true that it has to catch some temperature, which will also influence depending on the time of year or the temperature of the room.

Nubia N1: Sound

The section of sound complies with offering a correct quality in all tests performed. It is not the best loudspeaker on the market for mobile phones but its performance is within the average of terminals. A very positive point is its placement in the lower edge to perfectly hear the phone resting on a surface. And the negative point is when we discover that it does not include FM radio.

Nubia N1: Cameras

Review Nubia N1: Smartphone with battery 5000mAh (Specs, Price, Buy)

Nubia puts the batteries and combines an ideal combination for lovers of photography without spending 800 euros as in other terminals. We have already advanced, for the main camera we have a sensor 13 MP and for the front, another 13 MP. We were not wrong and we believe Nubia either. The main camera has an aperture f / 2.2 and optics composed of 5 lenses with PDAF focus. The front camera of the Nubia N1 also maintains these features and adds a wide angle of 80 ° for spectacular selfs and with a very wide field.

Review Nubia N1: Smartphone with battery 5000mAh (Specs, Price, Buy)

And how do these benefits translate? Well, although we do not know the model and name of the manufacturer, the sensor does a great job in most situations. The correction of exposure can play us some bad past, something that is solved quickly refocusing. The camera is quick to capture, although it does not have bright colors in automatic mode, so it is recommended to choose an alternative mode. For photo enthusiasts, Nubia N1 also features a Pro photography mode with custom settings such as ISO, white balance, shutter or focus (macro, portrait, landscape, etc.). It also includes a wide repertoire of effects filters, image stabilizer, HDR capture, slow motion mode, Full HD video recording on both sensors, panoramas, among other modes.

Nubia N1: Connectivity and battery

Nubia N1 offers a Dual SIM configuration to carry two phone lines in a single device. Unsurprisingly, it has 4G support to take advantage of a great speed, waiting for the 5G. The other specifications are the same as we have seen in other Nubia terminals such as Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi n, GPS, and OTG. That yes, again does not count with NFC chip to make payments through the mobile, among other functions.

But if there is something that Nubia has highlighted from his smartphone is his great battery. With a capacity of 5.000 mAh, there is no afternoon of boredom that will resist us. The battery offers an autonomy close to the day and a half, about 9 hours of screen to enjoy video games or video streaming. It has fast charging and reverses charging, meaning the Nubia N1 can recharge the battery of our friends’ phones.

Nubia N1: Conclusions

Nubia N1 is a well-balanced smartphone. Although its MediaTek Helio P10 chipset is not the highlight, its photographic section and the battery of 5000mAh are two points to consider. A simple performance and suitable for day to day or games with medium quality. We rewarded with the Awaqa to the Nubia N1 for offering a different proposal and betting on a battery of great capacity, something that even the bigger manufacturers do not consider relevant.

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