Review protected smartphone Nomu S30 Specs and Features

Now the line for the senior model of the line is Nomu S30 in our review test. The manufacturer awarded the device a moisture-proof case, a large 5.5″ display and several other features, more about which in the review.

The smartphone comes in a modest package. Inside the cable and the charger with support for fast charging. Which is quite superfluous, given the battery capacity of 5000 mAh.

Nomu S30: Specifications

OS:Android 6
Screen:5.5", Sharp, 1920 x 1080, Gorilla Glass 4
Chipset:MTK6755, 8 cores, 2.0 GHz
Built-in storage:64 GB (micro SD up to 32 GB)
SIM:2 Micro SIM (with 2 SIMs - only one works with 4G)
Wireless:GPS, A-GPS, Glonass, WiFi 2.4 / 5GHz, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
Sensors:gyro, electronic compass
The main camera:13 megapixel (Sony IMX 214), F / 2.0, video - 1080p @ 30fps
Front camera:5 megapixel
Battery:5000 mAh, fast charging PE 3.0 (5V / 7V / 9V, 2A)
Dimensions:162 × 83 × 13.35 mm

Nomu S30: Design and Display

The case is most similar to the model S10, which “grew” in size. The front panel covers the Gorilla Glass 4 glass with a protective film directly from the factory. There are large frames around the screen. Bottom – control buttons, equipped with a backlight, on top – the front camera sensors and speaker. From the seen: the fan of applications is caused by holding the home button, which for today seems very inconvenient.

Review protected smartphone Nomu S30 Specs and Features

The ends of the device are made of rubberized material. Above and below the caps are headphone and USB cable connectors respectively. At the bottom, there is a speaker output. It sounds mediocre, there are almost no low frequencies.

The lateral faces are metallic. On the right are the volume buttons and a very small power/lock button. And since the smartphone supports the mode of operation in gloves – this button is difficult to find. On the opposite side is the SOS button, in the menu, you can find the menu for setting it.

Review protected smartphone Nomu S30 Specs and Features

The display smartphone – FHD matrix from Sharp with a diagonal of 5.5″. With viewing angles and backlighting the display has full order, they are enough for comfortable use. Color reproduction is quite accurate desire to use fine-tuning does not arise (although the possibility is there).

Nomu S30: Cameras

Review protected smartphone Nomu S30 Specs and Features

The back of the device is decorated with a “carbon fiber” texture. Here we see the eye of the main camera, as well as a compartment for two SIMs and a memory card. From the advantages of this solution – there is no hybrid tray and you do not need to choose between SIM cards or a memory card. Of the minuses – the design does not look very reliable, although the manufacturer declares the will of the smartphone to dive to 5 meters for 2 hours.

Nomu S30: Hardware

Review protected smartphone Nomu S30 Specs and Features

The smartphone was equipped with a hit Helio P10 from Mediatek, 4 GB of RAM and a drive as much as 64 GB. The set is decent and quite good for everyday tasks, you can not limit the number of applications, it is convenient to cache cards, store photos, and videos. The smartphone works fine with several applications and a lot of browser tabs. Playing in the WOT Blitz the device also allows the graphics of the Mali-T860 cope at medium settings at 30-40 or at low settings at 50-60 FPS. The performance indicators fully correspond to the expected level of the chipset.

Nomu S30: OS

As the OS, Android 6.0 is installed without a third-party shell. The interface of the device pleases with a bright work and responsiveness. From the improvements in the menu, we find a section with additional gestures for control, among which the double-taped on the screen, which is popular for many, awakens.

Review protected smartphone Nomu S30 Specs and Features

The main and front cameras of the Nomu S30 received interpolated resolutions of 16 (13 MP) and 8 (5 MP). The control interface almost completely repeats that of the 10th and 20th models. The main camera module received a Sony IMX 214 sensor, while the camera has a very small dynamic range. In most cases, when shooting with backlighting minimal force, the camera turns the background into almost continuous light (and HDR does not help here). The front camera suffers from a similar problem.

Nomu S30: Battery

Review protected smartphone Nomu S30 Specs and Features

Having seen the capacity of the Nomu battery, you expect an impressive battery life. But the results of the smartphone pull the maximum at “above average”: S30 with standard load draws up to two days of use, and best results in the case of activation of program modes for cleaning processes in the background.

Nomu S30: Conclusions

Nomu S30 seeks to bribe a combination of high-end protection, good performance, and affordability. At the same time, the interested device should pay attention to the impressive size, even taking into account the protective properties (smartphone is comparable in size with devices with a screen diagonal of 6+ inches). Autonomy of the S30 is decent, but no more – and this is with a battery of 5000 mAh.

Source: PCadvisor


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