Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be year

In the assortment of smart watches of the No.1 company appeared the long-playing model No.1 F3, which can do without recharging for a whole year.

This result was achieved through the use of the E Ink-display (widely used in electronic books) and the built-in lithium battery cr2450 (used in photographic equipment and many portable devices).

No.1 F3: Specifications

Display:1.1-inch screen;
Processor:Dialog DA14580;
Battery:240 mAh battery that can run a full year without replacement;
Bluetooth:Support for Bluetooth 4.0;
Pedometer:(calories burned, jogging record);
Trackers:(weather, barometer, stopwatch, altimeter);
Distance traveled:Yes;
Sleep monitoring:Yes;
Reminders of missed calls and messages:Yes;
A reminder of a long sitting:Yes;
Alarm management:Yes;
Remote control of the camera:Yes.


No.1 F3: Design

Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be year

Despite the fact that this is a brutal version of the watch, they look pretty neat. Of course, in the case of the official business style, this variant of the watch can be immediately ruled out. Nevertheless, the average size norm of No.1 F3 allows them to be comfortable to wear and not complain (except that with narrow cuffs, the value of the clock will be felt). For such an accessory, larger sizes are considered standard.
Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be yearIf you want the watch to always be worn comfortably, you should pay attention to the strap. Model smartwatch No.1 F3boasts a rubber strap that does not rub your hand. In general, you will always feel comfortable, and the size of a clock will suit anyone who wants to buy them.

When buying electronic watches, attention is drawn to the screen. In our case, it is monochrome. The activity mode is 24/7. The clock is not heavy. The plastic case has only metal screws and an inner panel that is applied to the skin. Round strokes and buttons are also made of plastic, which once again proves the small weight of smart watches.

Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be year

The watches will be available in versions with the white and black edging of the screen, as well as soft changeable straps of black and red, black-blue, white-orange and blue-white colors.

No.1 F3: Display

Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be year

The novelty is equipped with a round display with a rotating frame, illumination and rounded glass. All information about the number of steps passed, burned calories, etc. Is displayed.

No.1 F3: Features

The novelty is able to compete with more advanced models. It can count steps and calories, notify about changes in weather and determine the level of UV radiation. At the same time, No.1 F3 is an affordable and optimal solution for those who are committed to an active lifestyle.

Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be year

Due to compliance with the protection standard IP68, the device can be dipped to a depth of 30 m, and the presence of the Bluetooth 4.0 module will allow the clock to notify the owner of incoming messages and calls. While playing sports outdoors, the user does not need to constantly worry about weather changes, changes in the level of ultraviolet radiation, altitude or atmospheric pressure, since the gadget will notify about it. In addition, the device is able to control the quality of the owner’s sleep.

No.1 F3: Practicality

Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be year

Protection from water is a standard requirement for electronic smart watches. No.1 F3 easily survive the shower but still cope with swimming. In addition, the clock is still afraid of falls. This model of the watch will be able to withstand attacks against a hard surface. Nevertheless, there is no official assurance that this is indeed so. But according to many reviews, this is possible.

No.1 F3: Functions

Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be year

With the advent of smartphones, many began to believe that now in the clock there will be no need. But the developers of No.1 F3tried to endow the device with various useful functions that would extend the capabilities of conventional watches. Smartwatch F3 has the following functions:

  • Time – displayed in the standard form HH: MM: SS;
  • The name of the day of the week is placed above the main values in the abbreviation of three letters;
  • Date – month and the number you can see with the click of the button “Mode”. You can set the date by synchronizing with your smartphone. But you can do it manually. For example, use the buttons “Reset”, “Light” and “Start”;
  • Pedometer – based on the name, you can understand that this function is responsible for counting the steps (an error of 10%);
  • Indicator of calories burned;
  • Distance calculation – the function counts the distance traveled with the zero timers started;
  • The alarm clock is a standard feature. At which time they pointed, then it rang. The alarm sound is also standard. You can direct both on the clock and on the mobile device to help synchronize.
  • Stopwatch – works on the principle of “Stop” and “Start”;
  • Thermometer/weight gauge – pressure is measured in pascals, and height in meters. With a specific lifting, the weight gauge yields significant indicators;
  • UV-radiation – it’s unclear how it works, but it produces plausible indicators;
  • Camera control – this function is performed using a smartphone to which the clock is connected using a special application;
  • Notification – this functionality is triggered when calls or SMS are received. Notice you get in the form of a flashing icon on the screen and hear a standard sound;
  • Backlight – press the “Light” button and the screen will turn green;

No.1 F3: Battery

Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be year

No.1 F3 uses a battery with a capacity of 240mAh. If you believe the manufacturer, the battery lasts for a year. With the help of the Fundo Bracelet application, you can find out about the charge reserves. According to the analysis of the application, the battery of the watch can last about 200 days. In general, the battery will have to be changed only after a year, and this is quite normal.

No.1 F3: Conclusions and Review

A large number of smart watches at their cost leave much to be desired. In terms of battery life, many inherit the imperfection of the iPhone.

Review No.1 F3: Autonomy of Sports Smartwatch will be year

Therefore, choosing a decent clock for your capital and preferences is not easy. But you can buy a smartwatch F3. Unlike its expensive competitors, it is affordable and no worse than the functionality. And the most important thing is that you do not have to constantly charge with the charge to first charge the phone, and then the clock.

The level of protection is well thought out up to the smallest detail. This means that you decided to take in the pool, your device will remain unscathed. In terms of cost, No.1 F3 falls into the middle price category.



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