Review MOTOSPEED CK101: Quiet rustle Mechanical Keyboard RGB

Mechanical keyboards with RGB-illumination in the market will be more and the manufacturer needs something to attract attention to its product. MOTOSPEED came to this task cardinally and developed a completely new kind of mechanical switches called MOTOSPEED CK101. They certainly have a number of advantages over competitors, this is a short move, low-profile buttons, and the fastest operation, and low noise.

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MOTOSPEED CK101: Equipment

The keyboard comes in a fairly large and heavy box of solid cardboard. In size, do not say that the box is much larger than the keyboard, but inside it clearly lies not only the keyboard – there was a place for the equipment. The box is made of the color gamut of the game division MOTOSPEED CK101 – a bright black and yellow painting. Now, unlike previous models, everywhere flaunts the normal and familiar ” MOTOSPEED” logo in the form of sails.

On the box, there is a picture of the keyboard, made by embossing, as well as a large typeface with a silver finish indicating the type of switches. On top are the main keyboard chips. The box looks quite stylish and minimalist, as it immediately shows that the keyboard is in it and what advantages it has, while it does not load the user with an excess of textual information. On the side faces are painted other features of the keyboard, all information is well structured; On the back, there is a picture of the keyboard on top – exactly as it will look live.

Review MOTOSPEED CK101: Quiet rustle Mechanical Keyboard RGB

Inside the box of MOTOSPEED CK101 is the keyboard itself in the bag for protection from dust and dirt, a removable palm rest; In the polyethylene vacuum bag there is a puller for removing the key cases and two sets of additional keypads (keys W, A, S, D for shooters and separately keys Q, W, E, R, D, F for MOBA games), and finally in a separate package. There is a paper with a brief user guide. A good kit, there is everything you need.

The upper part of the box is slightly expanded due to the keyboard, however, as it turned out, this place is intended for a cable that turned out to be quite thick. In addition, this execution of the box gives the overall design additional rigidity, which is quite important for transportation.

MOTOSPEED CK101: Design and Ergonomics of the keyboard

The keyboard is compact, solid and heavy – integral attributes of the mechanical keyboard. Its dimensions are 347 x 140 x 40 mm; Weight is just over 0.64kg.

Review MOTOSPEED CK101: Quiet rustle Mechanical Keyboard RGB

The keyboard of MOTOSPEED CK101 is not full-sized (87 main keys), the layout of the case is “skeleton”, and slightly modified. Standard “skeleton” means placing the switches directly on the case, without any additional frame. In the same keyboard, the skeleton is present, but it has a very low profile, because of what the keys protrude much above the body, and the keyboard is very similar to the typical keyboard in the “skeleton” format.

In addition to the main keys of MOTOSPEED CK101 on the keyboard, there are two additional non-mechanical keys responsible for disabling the Windows button and setting the backlight brightness. The panel of additional indicators is interestingly executed – due to the increase of the upper part of the keyboard, the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock light indicators are placed in a separate block on the level with two additional keys. A good solution, but this increases the size of the keyboard.

Review MOTOSPEED CK101: Quiet rustle Mechanical Keyboard RGB

The surface of the keyboard is matte, dyed plastic with a noticeably rough textured surface, which is somewhat reminiscent of the soft-touch coating – hands do not slip on it, but there is no such rubberiness as a soft-touch. This plastic is absolutely resistant to any dirt and fingerprints, but because of its considerable roughness it is very easy to collect dust, and therefore the keyboard will sometimes have to be cleaned. There is no other material in the upper part of the case.

The entire keyboard has sharp edges – especially the upper part. If in the lower part of the edge are imperceptible, because they are rounded and simply can not be touched by hand, then the upper edges are rather sharp and absolutely not rounded at all.

The keyboard MOTOSPEED CK101 has a very high-quality color, and the coloring is unusual too. To the touch, the painting reminds the painting of the case – also something very similar to the soft-touch coating, but it’s just the paint. The surface is not as textured and rough as the cover of the keyboard itself, but the cover of the key cover has some barely perceptible rough texture. Thanks to the painting, which has a barely noticeable roughness and similarity with the soft-touch coating, the fingers are very confidently held on the keys, especially when printing or playing actively. This, perhaps, is one of the best colorings of keycaps, which exists generally at the moment. The gap, to all other things, has a textured surface (similar to that of the stand).

MOTOSPEED CK101: Testing and Typing

The feeling of printing is very, very unusual. They are unique, this is primarily because there are not any similar switches anywhere (at least in those keyboards that are manufactured at the factory). And, since this is MOTOSPEED CK101, then some comparison will be conducted with their closest analog – MOTOSPEED CK101. The effort of pressing and the type of switch in both cases is the same – a linear stroke, without tactile recoil, 45 grams before the operation, 62 grams until it stops. On the Silent switches, these figures may slightly differ in the direction of increase.

Review MOTOSPEED CK101: Quiet rustle Mechanical Keyboard RGB

First, the MOTOSPEED CK101 specs and features of these switches. The key stroke is very oily, like a finger pushing into the pillow. The pressing force is very low, and it is almost not felt even when pressed to the stop. But in the beginning and in the end there is a certain resistance, which just gives the dampers. That is, at the very beginning of pressing there is some resistance, which, perhaps, can be called tactile. The same feeling occurs at the end of the key stroke. You can say that the switch was placed inside the switch as a cotton wool, and therefore there is some resistance to the move, although the character of the stroke still remains linear. But fingers literally fly through the keyboard, and to press the keys, almost no effort is required, which makes the tipping process very enjoyable.

The sound of pressing is very muffled, and here all the details – both the substrate and the switches – have gone to the benefit, since the press was very quiet, and the impact on the substrate is also almost inaudible. It is but still muffled. Therefore, with this keyboard, you can safely be in the same room with a sleeping person, without fear of waking the latter.

MOTOSPEED CK10: Software and backlight capabilities

The keyboard MOTOSPEED CK101 has a high-quality and highly flexible backlight. To use all the backlighting capabilities, you need to install the Corsair Utility Engine. After installation, the program will prompt you to update the firmware of the keyboard. Update, we wait until the keyboard reappears in the program, after which you can start working with it.

Here it should be noted immediately that the keyboard has a serious processing processor for all commands, and therefore all keyboard functions related to backlighting and not only are executed instantly. There has never been any delays. This deserves praise. Very nice, when everything works quickly and clearly, the first time. In addition, the keyboard has internal memory, which allows you to save all the settings (keys, macros, and backlighting) that were made in the program.

Review MOTOSPEED CK101: Quiet rustle Mechanical Keyboard RGB

Another important detail – the backlighting of the keyboard does not squeal at all. How many do not listen, but hear the peep of cheap components here will not work. Usually, backlit keyboards (especially with RGB) have this drawback – somewhere in the area of the “Home, End, Delete, Insert” block, the installed radio component starts to squeak when the backlight is turned on, which can be very noticeable in complete silence. And it happens and a squeak, and a quiet crackling, similar to the noise from gas-discharge lamps. There is no such thing here. So the component base of Corsair is very high quality. This applies not only to the backlight but to the entire keyboard as a whole.

MOTOSPEED CK101: Conclusions, Specs, and Reviews

Review MOTOSPEED CK101: Quiet rustle Mechanical Keyboard RGB

MOTOSPEED CK101 is a very high-quality, well-designed, assembled, and, to some extent, a unique keyboard, since there are simply no analogs for it at the moment. Quiet switches, pleasant print sensations, thoughtful ergonomics and used materials leave only positive impressions. Separately I want to note the technical base. Thanks to it, the keyboard works quickly and clearly, working harmoniously with the software, and it, in turn, reveals the keyboard capabilities to the maximum.

But there are several uncritical flaws that need to be known. From the body, you could expect a little more conciseness, and the stabilizers obviously should have been quieter, especially if the keyboard claims to be the quietest mechanics. In all other aspects, the keyboard is full-order.

Review MOTOSPEED CK101: Quiet rustle Mechanical Keyboard RGB

The price of the keyboard MOTOSPEED CK101 is about $40. Yes, this pleasure is worth a lot, but it really is worth it. There is simply no alternative to this keyboard, and its qualities are more than covered by minor flaws and money spent. So the installed price tag fully justifies the keyboard’s capabilities.

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